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Restart Cambridge after my life fell apart

Hi I am an old CDer did well on it but my now ex relationship made it hard to stick to.
Next week I was meant to be going to have a consultation for a Gastric Band BUT I found out 2 nights ago my Now EX Partner was cheating on me,he did This 5 years ago when I was having our baby and there was no reason as I know some people will think there was,it is he has cheated on all his partners,but i suppose I thought Id be different as I gave him a child the one thing he always wanted.Long story short he was at it again and with the same ex and she emailed me and told me the details,hes admitted it of course wants me to stay but 6 years is enough to give to anyone hey.
Now I have to pick myself up off the floor move out of his home support my 3 girls through this mess and get my body back to where it was.
So I hope to move with-in 6 weeks and then start CD,I know it works I know its hard but I can do it.
If you read all this thankyou and I hope to make some new friends here xxxx:eek:
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i'm so sorry this happened to you, but you sound positive and strong and like you know what you want.
get a fit body.. go out enjoy yourself and look after your kids.
stay strong and big hugs



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You've really been through the mill, bless ya. Here's to the rest of your life :)


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Hi - Just wanted to send you a :hug99:, good luck with the new chapter in your life, you sound like a strong woman that knows what she wants so i'm sure it will all come together. Also on the man front sometimes its better to be on your own than with someone you treats you badly. I was single for a good few years and had a great time so enjoy it.


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all the best with your re-start hun xxx best place for support x
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hi 102b, good luck with your restart im sure you will do well xxx

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Well done for coming on and just being honest. You're in the best place and the support on here is brilliant. You'll do well and you deserve to. Take care and good luck starting your new life. xxx


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So sorry to hear that this awful thing has happened to you. I take my hat off to you for standing your ground and going it alone. There really are so many amazing single mum's out there and I am sure that you will be one of them.

I know it is going to be hard, but keep your chin up, hold your ground and put yourself and your children first (as you seem to be doing already)

We are quite a tight nit group, we all help each other, not always cd related either. You will always find the support here hun.

Big hugs x x x


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Your story has made me apreciate what I have and I send you some big (((hugs))), you definitely sound like you are ready to face this situation full on and that s the right attitude to have, you deserve a better life than this current one, and I am sure you will make it happen, good luck my darling will see you around the boards. M xxx
Thankyou so much for all your messages made me cry xx

I should have a house to rent so next week I hope to be gone.

Then cambridge and all you lovely people will help me refind me.

Thankyou again your support was more than I expected xx
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Hi 102b, the support on minis is amazing and anything you need will be here.

Good luck with the new house and starting CD, how exciting - all those good things coming your way to look forward to.

As a friend of mine always says "Don't look back - you're not going that way!"

Take care of you and your girls

Lou x
102b i have no doubts you can do this...

My life also fell apart and I am once again a single mum, but taking control over my body has given me a power and a confidence i had forgotten about...
It is often hard trying to juggle, but you are worth so much more than living a lie...
good on you for starting to look after yourself...

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