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'Restart', motivation-please come and find me!


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After much messing about this past month and a weekend of binging / giving into cravings I have decided I need to start with a clean slate!

I dont like calling it a 'restart' but cant think of a better term.

Going back to SS, even if its just for a couple of weeks to get me in the zone again and I now know how important it is to rigidly stick to the plans as i move up the steps. Want to do it 100% from now on, its the only and probably easiest way!

+ I've changed my goal back, think it was a mistake to change it and I was kidding myself that Im happy at this weight. Of course i could be happy at any weight but Im just not ready for moving up the plans just yet.

Re. self esteem and coping with emotional eating - I must make more of an effort to do my online CBT course and work through a book Ive had for ages- Overcoming low self esteem.

Also want to keep as active as possible, didnt feel too motivated to exercise more than walking when on SS before so will take it easy.
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Hey Angela, good luck with refocussing on SS - you have had great losses on this diet and you know that you can do it...

Keep posting to let us know how you get on and if you need support minimins is always here!


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Well done for biting the bullet and getting back to it Angela. You've lost an amazing amount of weight, you should be very proud.

The online CBT course sounds interesting, do you think it works?


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Good luck Angela x x


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Good Luck with the restart and here's to getting back in the zone !!

I have been messing around lately and i still have a long way to go. I'm determined to get back into it from today.


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Good Luck Angela; I wish that I had taken your approach on previous occasions.


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Thanks guys, Going well so far. 1/2 a shake down and 2 pints pepermint tea. Had a busy morning with todlers group and heading off to tescos soon to get weekly shop- list is shorter now Ive no 1000 plan meals to get. Will have to make an appointment to see my CDC before next planned one as dont have enough packs to see me through but might wait til tomorrow as I might be in Aberdeen anyway.

Lisa- Re. online CBT course- Its well written and easy to follow but i'll only get out what I put in! and I've just really been reading through it not doing enough of the reflective stuff.
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Good luck Angela, you can do this and the CBT will help to keep you busy. 22lb isn't that long perhaps even doable in 6 weeks ss.... then back up the plans. Like you I need to really stick to the steps.... then onto SW for me.... I think I am going to be following a plan for LIFE!


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S: 19st4lb C: 19st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 0st4lb(1.48%)
Well done Angela- how did you find it? I might have a look at some online CBT courses, probably when I've got a few weeks SS under my belt again. I'm determined to kick myself into shape this time!
Last day of maternity leave today. :(

Love my job but 10 months well nearly 11 is a long time to be away from it. Sure it will be fine once i get into it. Going back to 2 12 hour shifts a week with an hours drive either side of my 12 hour day. Wont see DS for the whole day but glad that mums able to babysit and Im sure after a couple of weeks I'll be feeling fine about it.

Hay ho- life goes on and although this past few weeks leading up to going back to work have been a bit stressful it is not a reason to eat or to use it as an excuse to 'treat' myself with food!

Doing SS at work should be fine, I'll take my own hand blender and 2 shakes and have my other pack 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 when I get home and drinking plenty water has been easy at work before.

another 100% day today- have to take a hire car back to Aberdeen so will maybe give CDC a ring before I leave to see if she can squeeze me in to get a couple of weeks supply. DS stirring, better get a move on!
Really surprised at how much I enjoyed my first day back at work today!

Feel totally guilty though as think i should have missed DS more, I mean I thought about him and don't have any worries about my attachment to him but i just liked being back at work and feeling confident in my role as a care worker. Think I should've gone back to work a month ago!

Still going strong, 100% SS! Went to see CDC after work and STS but bearing in mind that this was WI at the end of the day and I got weighed in the morning last week Im chuffed with that, will weigh myself tomorrow and get a true weight for this week.

tired, off to bed soon.
Been a long day so far and have wanted to eat but think Im past the danger point now. Got lots to keep me busy this evening after DS goes to bed and got a shake which I'll split for the evening. Work again tomorrow and mums babysitting so have to get all organised for the little man going to grannys. Think in general good diet days and good eating days are easier at work so tomorrow should be fine. Although Friday is takeaway night at work so that might be tempting after the diets over!
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Awww pleased you feel more positive now :)

Im a mummy & a full time worker it IS hard at first but the older the children get the easier it gets mine are 10 & 7 now i just CANNOT sit at home lol

Heres to more 100% days for you!!!! Im sure you'll be fine ;) x
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Good luck hun your doing well! x
You're doing fantastic lady...reallya dmire people like yourself...so many commitments, work, baby etc, and still manage to find the motivation to stick with it!!

Well done, and here's to fab results on the scales!!

Thanks guys!

Yip feeling positive and sure being busy at work tomorrow will help the day to fly by diet wise. DS got a bit of a cold so hope he sleeps through tonight as he woke up last night which is unusual for him.

heres to a 100% day tomorrow!


Back On Track!
S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
Well done Angela on getting thru' the past few days. I find it easier when I go out to work rather than days that I work from home; being out and about and meeting people keeps me busy.

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