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Restart, need some support please.

Heya guys

I have lost a brilliant 4 stone on CD before. To make long story short (cutting the drama out) :
Lapse (jsut as i was doing sooo well!) - food - weight regained.
I lost faith in myself to be completely honest. What I wonder is - are there any returners that succeeded in losng and keeping their weight on 2nd , 3rd etc time? Is it even worth redoing all this *sigh* I feel like i cannot do it and i was sticking to it 100% when i was doing it first time. I was enthusiastic then, but now enthusiasm is gone and i feel like a failure :(

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Come on, you've done it before so you KNOW you can do it again! it'll take some hard work but think about how much more positive you will feel for the future!!!!

Just take it hour by hour, meal by meal, day by day, WI by WI and soon it'll be christmas and you could be 3 stone lighter!
You can definitely do it! I think a fair few of us have been there! I am on my restart and doing well, just focus on why you want to do it and where you want to be - you will be just fine!
thanks for all the support guys, i think i will need lots of it in upcomming days. Don't want to stuff myself to i, dont know, punsh/comfort myself anymore sigh .. my problem is that I know how well i have done before and I keep telling myself subconsciously that if i failed at such a good attempt, i wont be able to do it again etc. but trying to stay strong :S
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Ive stopped and started I don't know how many times. Nothing ever seemed like the 1st golden time. Then I realised it was 3months to Christmas - and I could lose 3 stone ... started a thread and have stuck to it as per 1st time. Join us and we'll spur you on!
I'm in a very similar position to you - I first did CD a year ago and lost 4 stone. I stopped last Easter and the weight has just piled on since and I have put back 3.5 of what I lost. I restarted last week and had my first WI last night and lost 7lbs. It should have been more but my first week had a few wobbles along the way (mainly because my daughter was off sick from nursery and I was working from home where temptation lurked at every corner). Want another good loss this week as I know I can do it and I really want to succeed.

The problem with last attempt was that I came off at Easter knowing that I would need to go back to get the last 2 stone off and I always had that fact in my mind, so thought it was ok to have the takeaway, the bottle of wine or the extra piece of cake. I know if I am to make it work this time then I need to do complete it all in one go and that is my best chance of getting to goal.

I have 5 stone left to lose and the support network will really help. I used mumsnet last time, but then found minimins and have decided this is the thing for me to do. if any recent restarters want to buddy up to spur each other on I would be really keen to do that. Anoukee - are you interested? our stories sound very similar...

just had my first shake of the day and really need to get glugging!

H x
yep , i am very interested especially that my story seems to double yours really hehe , same amount to lose and same reasons for piling up. (Hating myself for it big time as well :( )
this is my first day as well and only just had 1st shake beginning the long journey yet again, but this time, like you said Mrscookie, have to do it in one go. Thing is, I don't even enjoy food much. but then again if hunter is not a question then food is not an answer, stuffing myself coz I felt i need to punish myself to spoiling my amazing results - viscious circle.
I guess it would be best not to go back to that. I mean, fair enough sh.. happens. Cant change the past and all i ca do at the moment is to restart and stick to it, giving it my best shot really. Sounds nice and easy but hard to execute as the blame comes back every time i look at slim clothes i was already fitting into or scales. *tries to think positively*
Will be hard without the enthusiasm of a first try. But have to try it. Or no, have to DO IT.

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I've restarted yesterday as well so I know where you're coming from. Sounds like you need the motivation that you had the first time. Try looking at the gallery of the before and after pics and reading some good blogs. That always does the trick for me.
come on you can do it

says me who is having a hard time.............lol
Ive restarted and am on day 4!!! I think you have to get your head in the right place, I stopped and started and stopped and started and messed around on 790/810/ss+ and nothing worked, I just took a deep breath and dived reet in to SS. I feel brill for doing it, if a little scared that I may fail, but at least if i fail I can try again, its giving up that worries me!!

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