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Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Hello lovelies, I am back from my hols. Hope you've all been well, looks like there's been some good losses while I've been gone! Pats on backs all round.

Don't really like to say how much I put on while I was away :eek: ... Let's just say that, along with dropping my goal weight by another 10lbs, I have doubled the amount of weight I need to lose before I get to my target now!!! But I don't regret one single moment of it!

Been back on the wagon since Saturday, just going through that rotten tired, bloaty, bunged up phase of week 1. But this morning I was already 4lbs down so HUGE relief - I was worried it would be like pulling teeth from the off. I'm sure it will slow back down to a plod soon enough, but I'm in this for the long term now. I've even bothered to set a date, my next birthday - not too ambitious I know, but I'm a realist...

I'm mad busy this week catching up on my backlog so I haven't really had time to come & chat but just thought I'd pop in to say I'm back and, well, hello again! :D
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Hello LM! Hope you had a fab time away on your jollies! Welcome back, i'm still here and plodding along! There have been some lovely people join our merry band since you were away, really supportive and friendly :) Good luck on the re-start huni, sounds like you're already well on the way to the big K xx


Hello LM and welcome back.
Looking forward to my hols in a couple of weeks, worried that i will get carried away and scoff the whole time.

Hi LM, :wavey: welcome back love.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Thanks for the welcomes! I did have a lovely time, might post up some holiday snaps later if anyone's interested (and if I can figure out how to do it!).

Hope you have a good hols too, Jot. Where are you going? Is it going to be self-catering? Lots of people here have a lot of very good tips for sticking to the diet whilst you're on hols, if that is what you plan to do.
hi lady m and welcome back. glad you are back on the wagon...
Welcome back YOU! You were missed! I'm so pleased you had a lovely holiday - and guilt free. Good luck losing, not that you need it hun xx

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Aww, bless you AM. I missed you guys too.

I actually found I was looking forward to getting back on the low carb wagon towards the end of the hol, Laura. I missed the energy, feeling good about myself/in control, and of course feeling slim!
You'll be feeling good again soon love.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Hope so, Jim - still feeling bloaty and all roly poly pudding and PIES. :)

Isn't week one of induction strange - you put food in, NOTHING comes out... and yet you weigh less. How?!?
No idea Jim, as covered in the thread i started, i don't have em as such. Just wondering if it may be the side effect of em but without em though.. Doing my flipping head in though i tell ya!
I bet love, you have my sympathies.
this happened to me a few years ago after loosing 3.5st, and no matter how i tryed i couldn't get back to atkins and ended up putting all the weight back on. i tryed several times since but i just can't do it again, so now i am going to have surgery.

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