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restarter? any recent restarters?


Crawling to the finish!
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Well I lost 4 stone before my wedding and managed to pile 3 back on in the past 16 months.... back to the matter at hand Ive had my binging now!!! I could really do with someone who is planning a restart tomorrow to keep me on the wagon :0) anybody? :rolleyes:
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Mrs Taurus

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Hiya,after losing 4st12 25th Aug-11th Dec last year,then maintaining ish until Easter,then going crazy with the most social year ever from April I am now only 2st under my starting weight last August. I have a night away to a posh hotel Friday(including 4 course meal in French Restaurant),my sister-in-laws birthday on Saturday,family meal sunday and one of my best pals coming up for drinkies Tuesday then in one week's time it will finally be D Day.
So as anyone that remembers me from last autumn knows,when I am ssing good and proper I spend a lot of time on this wonderful forum-especially at weekends when Mr T is having a drink and nibbles.
I am really excited,have had so much calorific food that it no longer does anything for me.
So I look forward to hearing how well you've done in your 1st week when I'm back on here regularly next week.
Good luck,this diet rocks! x
I am on day 3 of restart, lost 3st put back on 2st, have tried to shift it other ways, but really struggled so its back to SS for the next couple of months....

Best of luck to everyone restarting


This Time It's Personal!
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I'm restarting today after losing a ton of weight a couple of years ago, but I haven't done Cambridge for a year now, and most of the weight has come back.

I was quite an active member here for a time. The ticker in my signature is still as it was when I last posted here! I stopped posting when I moved from Blackpool to London and came off plan.

I'm the poster child for how NOT to come off Cambridge. I didn't move up the steps; I went straight back to my normal lifestyle; and I thought I could just maintain by continuing my new-found love for the gym. My new London social life, with endless partying and dining out, did me in.

So, now I'm back here, with a new Minimins mission: to advocate moving up the steps, and changing eating habits for good!

I'm ready to do this!


likes to post
I restarted last week, lost almost 3 stone last year but didn't move up the plans and stopped before I got to goal! I've put over a stone back on, so I'm back to finish what I started this time I will move up the plans, lost 5 lbs so far


Likes to eat
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I restarted two weeks ago, but I didn't really gain much in my time off (luckily), I just didn't lose so I came back! Unfortunately I am going on holiday on Friday for 10 days - AAAAAAAA! But then I'll be back on plan (SS) when I'm home.


Mad as a Hatter
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I have also restarted this morning

1 tetra and 1.5 litres of water down so far !

We can do this if we do it together !!
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I'm restarting today too!! I lost about 1 stone last year but have slowly put on 2 stone in its place thanks to my boyfriend moving in and his love of takeaways and my terrible will power! This time i feel more positive and i have clothes that i used to fit into but i can't anymore which spurs me on. If i can drop two sizes then i wont have to buy clothes for ages as i've saved them all! This is expensive but i know its worth it i just hope i can stick to it this time.


This Time It's Personal!
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Hi, Vanessa... I'm just curious: what makes you say it's expensive? I always find I've got loads of money left on CD - no more coffees or snacks, and I even save on travel because I'm motivated to walk everywhere!

Your blog is interesting reading :) But I don't think I could weigh myself every day :eek:. I wouldn't be able to stand going up and down by a pound or two every day due to natural fluctuations.
I restarted CD on monday and eager for support. This is my second time to do CD I lost 3 st 2 and a half years ago, I managed to maintain well for over a year, but due to health / medication related issues, I put 2 of the stones back on and struggled to shift them with anything else over the last 5 months, so decided needs must and I'm back to SS.

I too find CD value for money, I still have the same cash in my wallet that I started the week with :) Normally I would have been to the ATM a couple of times during the week and spent way more than the cost of the weekly packs
Good luck to you all with your re-starts! I am the queen of re-starts and have had at least a dozen in this past year alone, so I can most definitely identify with what you're going through.
I also know that with determination and hard effort, you CAN do this! This diet WORKS and we are all proof of that in some way or another.
Keep on keeping on! xx
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i restarted today...used to be on here as hoping2losebig but new start pn everything so hope to see u all as we lose together x

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