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Restarter seeking support and wise words!


Likes to eat
hello o/

some of you may remember me from last year. I started plan in October 2009 at 13st 0.5lbs and went down to 10st 7 before going off plan in early December. I'm now around 11stone and miserable, my goal is (and was) 9st.

Now, to cut a long story short, I want to lose this weight so I'm going back on plan. The problem I envisage is... my other half :(

I love my boyfriend to bits. We actually met online, and were acquaintances through a video game (I know, what nerds) over a year ago, but we only really got chatting this time last year and decided to make a go of it the week before I started Cambridge. I didn't tell him about the plan, in fact, I was very very secretive about being overweight. I came off plan at Christmas, and found it immensely difficult to get back on it. It was only then that I told him I'd lost nearly 3 stone and that my weekly meetings were Cambridge. He was then witness to my struggle to get back on plan and saw how miserable my failure to get back on plan after Christmas was making me. We met up in January and everything was wonderful, and we're still together.

I feel I'm in the right frame of mind to get back on plan now. Unfortunately, he is worried that the plan will only make me miserable, despite my best attempts to convince him otherwise. I know he's trying to support me in a different way (I've been doing weight watchers and going to the gym 3 times a week since May only to have a bad month and put the stone I lost back on) but I really need his support with this. He's also used the line "surely with a diet like this, you'll just put it back on". Amusingly, Cambridge is the diet I've had the most success with afterwards - I've only put half a stone on, and all of that in the last month. I'm also worried that I'll fail again - I'm going to Holland to see him in two weeks, and will be off plan for a week, and I'm terrified that when I get back, I won't be able to transition back into Sole Source.

Does anybody have any words of wisdom?
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It's your life and if you're most happy doing Cambridge then so be it, I can't get my head round doing any other diet because the losses are so slow which is why I always come back to CD, as you've done it before like me you'll probably know after that first week which is hard you start to feel so much better and easier with it. When you have your week off just eat sensibly, you know, chicken, fish, salads and stay away from the bad carbs and hopefully when you return you wont find it too hard. Good luck!


Getting there!!!
hi hun! why dont you wait until you get back from your week hol and then start?? that way it'll be fresh in your mind,just do low carb until you start?? x x
hi hun! why dont you wait until you get back from your week hol and then start?? that way it'll be fresh in your mind,just do low carb until you start?? x x
That really is a good idea :cool:

Then you have the whole 'I'm going to do this and blow his blooming socks off the next time i see him......' now that's motivation :p


Likes to eat
Thanks for the advice ladies! I am still going to SS through to when I go away, and try my hardest not to go *too* crazy when I'm gone. The reason I'm going to do it for two weeks, is I know I'll have a nice loss which will inspire me to return to the diet when I get back, and if I *don't* I know I'll end up with a nice gain the way my mind is at the moment but I do appreciate your suggestions!
Hey Mince,

I feel your pain, I think getting into the frame of mind or finding your mojo is the hardset part, so if you have that then your away...

You could always buy some bars and tetra's to take with you?

Fingers Crossed, and good luck


Likes to eat
Thanks all ! I've been sneakily weighing in and I've already lost 5.5lbs since Wednesday night, so even if my losses slow to my losses before I finished Cambridge (3lbs a week), I'll still be lighter than when I last saw him, so hopefully I will at least look slightly slimmer :)

GillyBee - that is a FANTASTIC idea that I hadn't thought of. I think I'll try to take at least enough bars to provide me with one Cambridge meal a day. I'm not sure how much eating out we'll do because the reason for my trip is that we're actually celebrating my birthday a few weeks early (as we can't actually meet up the week of my birthday) and I know he has some trips and surprises in store... As my CDC said - you only have one birthday ! (Although I'm also having my birthday on my actual birthday, so I guess that makes me the queen!)
Thank you!

All the support is really helpful :) Even my boyfriend has changed his opinion and has been super supportive when I've been complaining about being hungry!!! haha!
yeah i would def do 100% ss for 2 weeks, then you'll find when your on hol you wont be able to eat half as much as you would of if you hadnt of just come of the diet!! You will also get a nice weight loss off in that time... good luck xx im a re-starter today too xx

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