restarting after xmas - it's so motivating


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Now i have to admit i played at my diet a little in december - chose to take a little time off for an op that I had 9th Dec then got back on it then choose to have 4 days off for xmas (was meant to only be 2!!) - the end result was that whilst my weight in totality did go down during the month it certainly didn't go down fast as I'd have liked - some days of weight loss and some days of putting on.

Got my head back into it last sunday for a final 7 week push to lose the last bit of weight.

I've been DELIGHTED. It's been like the first week all over again - every morning I get on the scales I've dropped more weight and even though I know it's not real fat - it's water retention, carbs stores emptying etc - it's so motivating.

My reason for posting this - other than saying how fabulous am I? LOL is to say to you all - if you took time off for xmas don't worry - in fact look on it as an exciting time because for the first week back on whatever diet you are following you will drop loads of weight and will be as motivated as you were in your first week.

Next hurdle for me i guess is to cope with next week which will probably be just like week 2 of any diet I've ever been on when my body goes into shock and I usually lose nothing or very little.

2009 has started brilliantly ;-)
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Good for you!!!

I have been off work for that last 2 weeks and return tomorrow 6 lbs heavier.

Cant wait to see if going back to work will help me shed some weight to kick start my journey to a healthier thinner me.


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Hi Bonnie - it definately will - it's like the first week all over again - you'll be amazed at how quickly that 6lbs comes off