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Restarting again

Hi all:)
I've been trying to restart the cambridge diet for about 3 months now. Everyday I start out positive by having a shake and then by about 12 I'm having something to eat, not because I'm hungry. I actually don't know why I break my resolve. It's sooo frustrating. I'm going to see my CD counsellor tomorrow to stock up for another week and another weigh in, where I've probably put on more weight. In total I've got about 7 stone to lose and I really want to get the bulk of it off by September 15th. I'm starting a teaching course then, and would really like to be slim. I'm hoping this forum will help me. Im gonna really start tomorrow, I know I always say it, but this time I really mean it. Is there anybody else that is starting tommorrow? It would be good to have the support.
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Have you tried going out and staying out before the time when temptation strikes? I found this really helpful in the early days when I was struggling. When you get a few days in you'll find it so much easier because you'll feel better and the weight will be dropping off you. Thats the biggest incentive to keep going imo. Good luck!!
Yeah I have a 14 month old daughter, so we're always going out for walks, but I always manage to find the time to eat, but this time NO NO NO! I'm gonna do it!
hi candygirl, you can do it first 3/4 days are tough but once you get by the 1st week it is easy. Once ketosis hits you wont be hungry. Come on here whenever things get hard for you there is always someone about to talk, i have at least 6/7more stone to lose

becky xxx
Well I went to see my CD counsellor yestaerday, and I put on 4lbs since the last time I saw her which was about 2 weeks ago. I started back on the diet again yesterday and so far it's been all good. My counsellor said that she is going to ring me every day this week and I think that's helped. I've got a 100lbs to lose, which is a lot of weight and it's hard to keep motivated with this diet, especially when you've been yo yoing like I have. I haven't got past 4 days before so that's gonna be my first target, and then I'm hoping once I see the resuts after a week, I'll stay on track. Wish me luck guys

I can't believe it. I cheated yesterday. At about 9pm I had 2 tins of sardines and 4 slices of toast. I wasn't even hungry, but I broke my resolve, I'm gutted!
Candygirl.... i restarted yesterday after falling off the wagon in pretty spectacular style - in fact it even ran over me on the way past! so how about we keep each other company via minimins to keep on the right track. I won't eat anything naughty because i will feel guilty that you are being good and vice versa.... tried it last time and it worked quite well until easter!!

what do you think?
That's a great idea Mrs Cookie! We can give eachother support and like you say hopefully we won't want to cheat cos we'll be letting eachother down. They do say it's harder to restart these kind of diets. About 3 years ago, I lost 7 stone on lighterlife and didn't cheat once, I don't know why I'm finding it so difficut to stick to now. You've done really well so far, we just have to think everyday we're getting slimmer if we stick to it



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I will join you with the keeping on track thing, my CDC and I are texting each other several times a day to keep each other on track. Day 2 so far and going well...
Hi Bailey, congratulations on getting this far. 23lbs is a great achievement. I just spoke to my counsellor and told her about falling off the wagon. She said bread is the worst thing to have eaten, and she said she's going to give me bars next week Monday, as she thinks it might make it easier for me. So far so good today, but I have to keep a real check on myself, cos when I decide I'm going to eat there's no stopping me! Good luck to everyone xx
It is really tough, as its very easy for a small slip to be a bing one. i'm going to dig out a slim photo to put on the mirror so i can think about how i want to be when i look in the mirror (and I might put another one on the fridge!). All good today, although the metal mouth taste is starting to annoy me. Will get used to it again no doubt.

Keep it up....


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Tetras are the shakes ready made up in cartons. I had lost another 15lbs on top of the 23lbs candygirl but I've put them back on :blush:

You really have to get your head in the right frame of mind. There's no good doing it half heartedly. I've binged and binged in the past few weeks but something clicked in my head a couple of days ago and I said "no more" and it's been relatively easy since then. A week ago I couldn't have done it, so it really is all about mindset.

Keep going chick!


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Hi Candygirl

Just put the cheat behind you and move on. What's done is done. Keep glugging the water and you should still get a good loss this week.



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Hi Candy girl,

Drink lots of the water and try changing your eating times a little. Also I use a vitamin called Chromium, you can get it from the health shop and you take a couple of them with you lunch as it's the afternoon you get cravings or at breakfast to prevent the mid morning munchies (they can sometimes set the precedent for the whole day).

Stay in touch and drop me a PM whenever i usually am online about now and sometimes in the morning UK time.

Since cheating, I've only managed to get back on this diet since yesterday. It's my first week and for 3 days straight I've eaten and I mean really going to town like food is out of fashion. Yesterday, I nearly faltered but managed to stay strong and am on to day 2 now. I get weighed on Monday and I don't think I'll have lost that much. The maximum I've been on this diet is 4 days, so if I can get past that stage, I'm nearly there, cos then it will be a week and then 2 and then hopefully the scales will reflect that. Thank you soo much to all of you who have been posting with your words of support. How are you doing Mrs Cookie and Bailey?
I saw my CDC yesterday and I put on a 1lb - gutted! Although could have been a lot worse, with the way I had been eating and it didn't stop there, I was feeling so low yesterday that I ordered an Indian takeaway, I just feel like I'm going through this up and down routine with this diet, where I start off okay and then by the 2nd day, I'm stuffing something in my mouth which cancels out any good that I've done. My CDC gave me bars this week and I have to say they are yummy - can you have 2 a day? I know with Lighterlife you could only have 1 bar a day but they tasted so horrible that eating any more than 1 a day would make you sick. When I was doing lighterlife, I never indulged in the bars or soups but with Cambridge I find the variety of flavours really good. It's just a shame I can't stick to it!


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Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your restart. I know that you are only meant to have one bar a day, but have you thought about maybe doing one of the other plans with Cambridge that incorporate a low carb meal?
Perhaps that would suit you better as you can still eat some things?
Anyway, best of luck with whatever you decide, I'm sure you will get there!:)

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