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Restarting and trying the blog thing

Hi, Ive been laying low for a while

Having lost a stone in August on s and s , september has been a blooming disaster
had a holiday at the end of August and struggled to get back on it ever since , although I havnt put it back on thank goodness

So restarting today with a view of doing nearly 4 weeks 100% and banishing stone number 2

I have a weekend away booked with friends and Im really hoping they notice Ive lost 2 stone , which will be the boost I need to tackle stone number 3 in November

Final aim is to be at goal , i.e. about 50lb down by Xmas

Im going to try and post something everyday to motivate myself if nothing else , sorry if I bore you , feel free to ignore it :)

Im going to try not to weight myself until 21st Oct , the day before my weekend away

I probably wont be 100% everyday but I will be honest , dont shoot me if I cave and eat , to me its not the end of the world and Im not too worried about ketosis either (bad girl lol)

All support, advice and experience welcome
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It's so hard to find a balance. You want everything from your life except the weight and just wish it was coming off faster, well I do.
Every time I restart vlcd I think I can have the odd nibble of low carb like chicken or cheese BUT then I am disappointed that I have a small loss and wasted money too. The 100% commitment gets the results but there are sacrifices to be made.
You are making the choice but is vlcd for you and if you want eating flexibility then would a different diet suit you at the mo, like low fat? Only a thought.
As a positive, your friends are bound to notice the 2 stones gone forever. This will be a great motivation for you to spur you on till Xmas.
Good luck with this next stage of your weight loss. Get that stone gone!
You are making the choice but is vlcd for you and if you want eating flexibility then would a different diet suit you at the mo, like low fat? Only a thought.I dont really see it as an either its for me or its not for me

I know what works for me and I dont see anything wrong in coming on and off or "cheating " here and there

Im not a serial dieter and Ive never done vlcd before so Im not a restarter in that sense, I lost a stone doing vlcd and kept it off for a month ,now Ill lose another stone and keep it off and so on , its not how you get there that matters to me , its that you do finally get there

I think too many people are judgemental and puritanical if you are not doing it 100%, I couldnt care less how someone reaches their goal , Ill support them however they choose to do it

Low fat diet doesnt work for me , its too slow

I intend to lose this 50lb , once and once only , but Ill do it my way.


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Of course, you have to do what works for you because it is your journey. I wasn't being judgemental, I just wanted to offer an option that might work in the short term.
I'm doing vlcd for a quick fix. It won't solve my issue with my weight. I don't do exercise and will probably search for the latest fad if a fail again. That's me.
Sorry if you were offended. We are here to support each other, I agree. Dieting isn't easy, I do genuinely wish you well through your journey.
OK so yesterday was day 1
3 vanilla shakes
1 slice cheese
tin of salmon
5 black coffees

Not as bad day as I thought , slight headache developing , but thats to be expected
Hopefully today Ill just have the shakes , might have 4 to combat the hunger pains which no doubt will start later
i have little extras now and again too. Sometimes I have a massive blow out and completly come out of ketosis but I get back to it the next day. It just means for me I don't lose as much that week but a loss to me is still a good thing. I could never do this diet 100% all the time and hats off to those that can. The longest I have ever gone without any extra food is about 3wks and I was miserable. Now every Friday I have a protein blow out, lots of cooked chicken, ham and my fav crab sticks. I think you have to do what works best for you and that is the key to succesful dieting.

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