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Restarting - Does anybody know?


Onwards and downwards!
Hi all,

After a wonderful Christmas and new year I am back and ready to jump back on the Slimming World wagon again. Currently feeling really motivated and rearing to go.

I haven't been to class in a few weeks what with being away and other Christmassy things going on, and I KNOW I have gained weight since last weigh in.

I'm going back to class on Wednesday, but I was just wondering does anybody know if it is possible to sort of start afresh with my weight loss? Basically I didn't do so well before and I'm pretty sure I will be weighing more than when I started SW last year. So I would like to wipe the slate clean so to speak and have a new starting weight I suppose. Has anyone done this at their class before, or do you think I will have to pay the £10 again and rejoin.

The reason I want to do this is because for example I got my 1/2 stone award at the beginning of November, but then ever since I have been gaining again so I don't really feel that I ever achieved the award. And if I just keep going with the SW record that I have at the moment, and say I have gained a lot and gone above what I started at, I wont get the recognition when I do lose 1/2 stone again because I have already had it. Not sure if that makes sense to anyone? But I know what I mean, lol.

Hope everyone had a fab new year!! :D
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I think its definitely worth having a talk with your consultant and see what he/she says.
Explain the situation to her...she may be understanding and let you re-start, however as karen said, you may have to pay your ten pounds again...ouch!

On another note though...well done you for getting back on the wagon and wanting to start afresh!!

Kate x
you definately will have to pay again. i dont know the answer but am guessing it might be to do with the chop card they give you. if you were to use that then i guess it will remember. if you start again and get a new one i guess its a clean slate. why dont you just go again and ask for a new card.
Hiya!! I have done this before, I just asked 2 rejoin and I got a new book and new card! I was in the same situation as u, I got half a stone off and the weight just crept up on me! U will have to pay the registration fee again but it's great just starting afresh without seein all the + weights hehe! Gud luck on ur weight loss journey hope this has helped! X
You can rejoin and start fresh again but will have to pay as a new member.
Im doing the same, getting a new book and everything.
This week though Bella mag goes on sale and there is a free member voucher in there so you will only have to pay £4.95 instead of £9.95.
If you didn't start again you'd have to pay for the weeks you'd missed, so not only is it possible to start afresh, it's the cheapest option too!


Onwards and downwards!
Thank you everyone for your replys. I have dropped my C and email just to see what she says, but I think I will probably rejoin and start with a clean slate. New book, new card etc.

I did get my bronze and silver body magic awards, so hopefully I can just continue to work towards my gold award and not have to start at bronze level again!

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