Restarting, finding it impossible!!!

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  1. 275sputnik

    275sputnik Member

    Hi, i'm 34, a bloke, and huge! I lost about 4 stone last year on the cd and found it so easy it wasn't true. I came off it, went silly with food and beer and now find myself at 19.5 stone again approx 12 months later. I restarted about a month ago and so far have lost a stone despite cheating like ******* ( i.e not doing cambridge of an evening or weekends ).
    My question is, is it much much harder to stay focused when you restart?
    I don't get hungry when i cheat i just want to eat!!
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  3. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    its def harder the 2nd time around. i did really well on it last year but found once i broke it that was it. i have done a few days ss here and there since. today is day one again :rolleyes: but am hoping to sticl to it.

    why dont ya give it a go? and perhaps when you think about eating, make yourself busy go for a walk or something?
  4. 275sputnik

    275sputnik Member

    thanks MissC, i'm going to try to start doing it 100% tomoz as i find it much easier when i'm working and not within walking distance of the fridge!!
  5. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    Hiya, I am a restarter and would say it is hard second time around... BUT maybe a couple of things that might help you?

    Firstly I put all my weight back on too so I wrote down exactly how I felt about being that fat again.... I was really brutally honest with myself and got very personal with myself!! :ashamed0005:
    I then wrote down REAL reasons for why I ate my way back to being fat again.... for me it was because I hadn't resolved my issues with food...
    I then thought, hang on.... I know this works, I know I can keep it off... I had a look at some of the maintainers here... KD, Icemoose etc who have kept it off, and I stole something from them !!!
    I stole the knowledge that not only do you need to lose the weight for yourself, but you need to maintain it for yourself too and that would mean life changes!

    So I have developed a life plan... it extends upto 5 yrs, but has lots and lots of baby steps along the way....
    Ultimately I decided that it wasnt just food that had made me fat, but my whole lifestyle and mentality!
    I never ever want to be this fat again and now am prepared to do what it takes,,,,

    So Sputnik it's hard to get back on the wagon because we see already that we have failed... and failure the first time somehow makes it easier to fail again!!
    You KNOW you can do it! You already did!
    You Know you can keep it off, you just need to work out where you go wrong...

    Hope I'm not teaching you what you already know... just somethign I know, is that you will suceed if you really want to...

    Good luck, get back on SS no excuses,,, do the pain! we know how hard those first few days are.. and think that by the end of summer you will be so much slimmer again!!

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  6. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    brill post hun and your right its only a short bit of pain, food will always be there at the end of the day.

    Best of luck for your restart tomorrow sputnik;)
  7. Watergirl

    Watergirl Rock Solid

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    I'm in a similar situation to you Sputnik in that I lost 4 stone last year, but put it on after giving up smoking and then being laid up following an accident.

    At the time I threw away my fat clothes and I can remember saying 'how did I ever let myself get like that?' Sadly, it does happen.

    I have decided to see this second time round as a chance to do it properly. Perhaps last time you and I went through the motions (and lost the weight) but didn't change our mentality regarding food. This time you can.

    I figure I have to do it at some point; why not now?
  8. 275sputnik

    275sputnik Member

    Wow, wicked post Tillyfloss. Thanks for that, i like the letter to self thingy, and you are probably right as old habits are so easy to slip into. Thanks also Watergirl. Absolutely, no more going thru the motions. SS starts tomorrow!
  9. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    So true, because otherwise you know that with absolute certainty, if you don't start today, then you will be as fat or even fatter tomorrow and everyday thereafter until you take control of the prob!!
    We all can do it!

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