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Discussion in 'Strugglers and Restarters' started by rachael2012, 3 November 2012 Social URL.

  1. rachael2012

    rachael2012 New Member

    Hi, I'm in the progress of restarting slimming world. So I'm a college student and a mother of 2 so I skip meals a lot! Eat junk, and coffee is my downfall. What I need is to get my head back into it! Before I get back in to bad habits! That I don't want. Is there anybody that can help?!
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  3. Souffle

    Souffle Full Member

    I'm restarting too, good luck :)
  4. leshrew

    leshrew Silver Member

    I've just re started this week doing it from home, good luck x :)
  5. Louiangel

    Louiangel Full Member

    I did Sw 2 years ago lost 1st4lb and ended up putting it all back on eventually. I kept rejoining and losing a few pound then stopping. Well this is it now. I've rejoined we 3 friends / colleagues and we have a lunch club at work.
  6. Panda_Pig

    Panda_Pig Slimming Bride to Be

    I'm re-joining; doing it from home this time so using forums like this and instagram as aids etc. Any tips for staying on track and not becoming disheartened?
  7. iamkirstiex

    iamkirstiex Member

    Im re starting tomorrow, I almost got to target and stopped going to class! So here It goes again
  8. leshrew

    leshrew Silver Member

    Good luck everyone for this week, let's hope its a good one for all of us x
  9. Mummyof2boys29

    Mummyof2boys29 Full Member

    I'm restarting today! I was doing well but fell ill and put on 8lbs in 2 weeks!! ;( very annoyed with myself and have the taste for bad food now so need to get myself back on strict plan!!
    Goodluck all xx

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  10. JCR1982

    JCR1982 Member

    I'm restarting too!! Started sw on fri and doing it at home. I've got two young boys too - 10months and 25months! Need to do it but got a hol next week so really worried going to screw up!
  11. Mummyof2boys29

    Mummyof2boys29 Full Member

    Goodluck on the holiday but also enjoy yourself! If you slip don't beat yourself up enjoy it as slimming can wait!!
    Where are you off to? Xx

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  12. brummyhead

    brummyhead New Member

    Me too starting again for the umpteen time, maybe this is ir
  13. k3llyann

    k3llyann Member

    Got to target and past 6 mnths gained back a stone :'( really need some motivation guys please x x
  14. Debs81

    Debs81 New Member

    Hi I did SW in jan 2010 and lost nearly 2 stone and felt great but have slowly put it all back on and really been struggling to get back on it but am starting again so hoping this site helps! Fingers crossed.
  15. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    Hi guys, I'm moving to Sw from a vlcd over the next two weeks. Good luck with your starts/restarts :)
  16. flurry26

    flurry26 New Member

    I am starting slimming world again and have told myself this will be the last time!! I have considered WW and RC tried both previously but gave up really need to find the motivation and go for it I am still attending the gym each week, really need to give it my all this time good luck all x
  17. xxrosieredxx

    xxrosieredxx New Member

    I'm in the same position stared again today! This will defo be the last time. I feel differently this time though I'm sooo determined!!

    Hope you do well. How come you struggle to stick to it? X
  18. tallybabe

    tallybabe Member

    Good luck to you all restarters - I restarted last Wednesday 17th April, after leaving last October and, yes you guessed it, put most of the weight back on.
    We can do it this time :cool:
  19. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    Yes we all can - good luck with your journey :)
  20. ***Saskya***

    ***Saskya*** Full Member

    I started again last week and I maintained in my first week ( I was furious with myself) went again on weds and lost 6.5lbs...

    Im hoping this is it this time, I do feel motivated.

    Good Luck All xxxx
  21. jellyfish81

    jellyfish81 Full Member

    i'm back at sw tomorrow. I haven't been in 2weeks but I've been offplan so much, last time I weighed myself, there was a 6lb gain at least:-/
    making sw bolognase tonight and im doing kettlebell classes this week for the next 5weeks

    I feel so bloated its unbelieveable. I had to go out an buy a pair of trousers 1size up. dreading the weigh in tomorrow but it has to be done. can't believe im back to this weight & trouser size again. it sucks but I need to get motivated and stay motivated.

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