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  1. Ceridrial

    Ceridrial Full Member

    hi all

    am restarting today - i chose wednesday so i get the carb withdrawal over the weekend and not at work - also - monday is a rubbish day anyway without having to diet again

    am doing SS, have 1.5stone to lose (maybe 2st....we'll see when we get there)
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  3. BREN

    BREN is going to loose!

    Good idea to start on the Wednesday. i am yet to get any headaches??? it's day 3 today. The Ketosix also says that I am in the light/medium pink too?

    Remember its not that hard and you dont have much to loose, like myself too. So lets put our heads down and just get on with it! Good luck today.

  4. Ceridrial

    Ceridrial Full Member

    yay! lets keep going together (i have a RL friend starting tomorrow as well) she did nearly 9st on LL but is doing CD now as same idea but half the price!
  5. BREN

    BREN is going to loose!

    Oh cool! The more the merrier. Tell her about minimins too!

    How's the day going so far?

  6. Ceridrial

    Ceridrial Full Member

    its ok so far (thanks!)

    am peckish, not starving yet - will be soon tho - have had a whole soup and half a milkshake, and am on the loo all the time! already!

    some black coffee...

    (are you allowed tea with skimmed milk on SS?)
  7. Ceridrial

    Ceridrial Full Member

    how are you doing (forgot to ask!!)
  8. QueenJ

    QueenJ Full Member

    Good luck - I restarted last week and just completed 7 days today! My WI is not til tomorrow... here's hoping!

    No skimmed milk on SS, but first time I did CD I developed a taste for black tea and since then I always drink it black! Try Earl Grey - its not as bitter as breakfast tea and goes down well black. I also like green tea, mint tea and nettle tea (not as gross as it sounds, honest! :D)

    Good luck!
  9. Ceridrial

    Ceridrial Full Member

    well done on the 7 days - let us know what you get on the wi!!

    i have had 2 soups and half a milkshake (got to try and find the other half before bed tonight)

    i am hosting the local pub quiz tonight, and nearly put off til tomorrow, but then i thought 'well tomorrow there will be another reason not to diet! so here i am!

    i have to eat on the 18th July (husband is on an Indian Cookery course that i bought him to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary... (the cheapskate only took me to Paris for the weekend... lol - it was FAB!!) - and am being taken out for work lunch in about 3 weeks to celebrate work well done!

    so will have to eat then, but hopefully i might be on 890? or similar by then, or can eat and then come back to SS

    x x x
  10. QueenJ

    QueenJ Full Member

    Thanks I know the good news tonight! 6-7lb loss will be good, this week was very humid I tend to retain water, but yesterday and today are cooler so am hoping I lose the excess fluid before the WI...

    Just read your other post - you are doing SS+?

    Good luck with pub quiz tonight! That indian cookery course is a lovely present! So is Paris... I'm more envious of the cookery course than the weekend, but that's cos I'm a big fan of indian cooking! :D

    You are barve with all the days out - I made sure there was nothing on this month when I started back on CD (first started in 2007) as I fall off the wagon too easily! I even feigned another 'event' to get out of a work do! LOL! Want no interruptions so I have no excuse not to do it properly this time... ;)
  11. Ceridrial

    Ceridrial Full Member

    i think i am doing SS (3 sachets a day)

    thought if i start harsh then come back slowly, thinking mabe SS for 3 weeks, have some chicken (or similar - avoid rice etc)

    my councillor 'Officially well it's all about will power! but having done that it's a treat and I say don't beat yourself up over one day, just keep the carbs down as best poss, so no pasta/potatoes/rice/bread etc!'

    and if i am losing weight will be more motivated!

    pub quiz was fine, i was tired and grumpy, but i dont think cos of the diet (only on day one - although if that was the carb withdrawel! YAY! but prob not!) think i have a little bug (as a little... er.... bottom-y)

    speak soon!
  12. BREN

    BREN is going to loose!

    Carb withdrawal is usually around day 3, read bad headaches. I have finished day 4 today and not very good I am afraid. I am on 790 - so 3 packs and a low cal meal. I had 5 packs!! But I've drunk lots of water and about a ltr of green tea. Also 30 mins at the gym.

    Trying not to stress out too much about it as I am going on my road trip tomorrow with hubby for a week and am going to calorie count with 2 packs of CD (hopefully) a day. i dont want this diet to get in the way of our annual anniversary holiday.

    I find with me the more I try harder the more likely I am to cheat, hence today!

    Ceridrial you are doing well, keep it up! It really isnt hard (not sure if you have done Cd before and whether I have asked you??). This cheating today was my last deviation except for my alternative plan for the road trip.


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