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Restarting without ever stopping!


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I am struggling. I've lost 3 stone which is fab, i feel so much better but still stone and half to get where i want to be. Why am i cheating so much :break_diet:. I do CD all day at work no problem then when i get home I am constantly looking for food. Of course i never binge on lettuce cucumber and cottage cheese. Its got to be white wine and crisps :party0036:. The worst combination ever for this diet. Biscuits with a cup of coffee then its off to the fridge for, well, anything i can find :eatdrink051:.
Its a really nice day here so i'm going out to the garden. I've not had a shake yet I'll move my CD eating to later in the day so hopefully wont eat later. Took fat photos off fridge as daughter had friends round so i'll put them up again.
Going out to a 40th tonight hopefully there will be an outside area and i can keep away from the food and drink and just enjoy the company.
Golly, this is hard, c'mon positive thoughts....I can do this!!
Hope you all have a good weekend.
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don't give in to your cravings drink plenty of water in the evening, log on to here for a distraction and have healthy snacks and dips in for your weaker moments


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I'll be on here plenty times today. Hubby at home this weekend so that will focus me better. He works away thru week thats why i find it so hard in evenings.:cry:


has started again!!
Lets support each other today!! I am on my own till about 3ish, and have already posted about the croissants that are calling me!!!

Off to garden now to potter then wash the car!!

Thanks heavens its actually sunny today, for a change!! (just in time for work again on Mon :( )


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OH and DD just had warm croissants, they smell so yummy. I sat in garden with iced water and a bar - woopdedoo! Got a few plants to put into pots and do a couple of hanging baskets so that will keep me busy for a while. Back in a bit...


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Glad its not just me! I keep cheating in the eves too! Im good all day, then it goes to pot in the eve. Especiallythis week as i went camping for few days (made excuses that i couldnt use blender in middle of a field! so I just went out for meals with everyone else!)
happy gardening!


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I'm back again. Been to garden centre for a wander. Every village we drove thru people are in beer gardens or strolling with an ice cream! Back home for a tetra, glass of water and get some planting done. How's everyone else getting on?

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