Results of First Weigh in and ....


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down 9lbs (10 really as he rounded down last week and up this week) ... so am over the moon!!!:D :D :D :D

This is a crazy bonker diet but IT WORKS!!!

Off to change my ticker!!!:D :D :D
Fantastic - well done, what a brilliant result


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Thanks everyone - isn't this a wonderful feeling? Makes up for the grotty headache I had and makes me feel so proud of refusing the piece of pizza my 19 month old was trying to shove in my mouth yesterday (which I would have loved as it smelt gorgeous)!!!

Onwards and downwards (weight wise anyhow). My mini-goal is to lose 11lbs in next 3 weeks (before I go on hols) but if I'm close that will be good enough for me. Still planning to follow plan on hols as we are going to villa in portugal so will be easier than being in a hotel!!

Good luck to everyone this week ....
keep busy .......well done on the weight loss you must have noticed the clothes a bit loser xx
What a great result for week 1. Keep trucking :D :D :D