Return to Lighterlife - was it this hard first time round?

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Returners' started by laurenkemp, 11 July 2011 Social URL.

  1. laurenkemp

    laurenkemp New Member

    Hi all

    I started back on LL yesterday after loosing 8 stone before and prob putting back on 4.5.

    I am struggling with it so bad, i never remember my first few days being as bad as this!!

    I have really bad headaches and am feeling very sick - does everyone feel like this?

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  3. misslouise193

    misslouise193 Full Member

    Hi Lauren,
    I am due to start on Saturday after previously doing LL. I stopped carbs on Saturday to prepare myself and my headache was horrible!! Hang in there - you know it works and that's why your back!
    Lou xx
  4. laurenkemp

    laurenkemp New Member

    Thanks Lou, im at the end of day 4 now and definetly feeling much better!

    No headaches now ya! x x
  5. Jellyhead

    Jellyhead New Member



    I have just gone back on Lighter Life. I lost 4 stones 4 pounds first time round and now have 26 pounds to lose this time round ( I have had a baby in between). I just can't seem to concentrate as much this time. I started back a month ago but it went badly so this is my last chance to get it right. I know I can do it as I did it before. I just want to fit into my clothes again!! I need motivation to stay on track.
  6. misslouise193

    misslouise193 Full Member

    Hi Jellyhead, hope your well. How long ago did you complete lighter life? Was maintaining easy?
    You should join the July forum its really supportive!! x
  7. Jellyhead

    Jellyhead New Member


    I lost the weight in 2009 and kept it off for 6 months then fell pregnant. I did the diet initially to help me get pregnant and to be more healthy during pregnancy as I had a miscarriage. I am so glad I did. I put 2 stones back on and have lost one stone but would like to lose more this time round.

    How are you doing? do you feel good about the diet?
  8. misslouise193

    misslouise193 Full Member

    That's amazing that you achieved your goal! I previously lost 3 stone on LL but didn't do RTM then went back to eating as normal so this time I am going to fully commit to completing the whole thing and changing afterwards. I feel good today, had a wobble last night but am due to start on Saturday and can't wait!! X
  9. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    Did you go back to "EATING AS NORMAL" Louise?
    Or did you back to eating as you used to?
    Just a thought - it's not necessarily the same thing ;)
  10. MartyG

    MartyG Member

    Hi, i am starting back tonight. I did LL 3 years ago and lost 6 stone and after doingh well the first year started eating rubbish again and doing no exercise. Back up to the same weight again. Understand where and how it went wrong and a blood test this week has made me rethink so here we go again....

    BMI is 40.6.
  11. misslouise193

    misslouise193 Full Member

    MartyG - good luck xx
  12. Orinoconomore

    Orinoconomore Full Member

    Best of luck Marty. Lots of us can relate to that! :)
  13. Meks

    Meks Full Member

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    I'm due to restart on 10th August and look forward to following you all on your journey. On round two I have just over 7 stone to lose. Good luck all. xx
  14. scattycat

    scattycat Member

    tony Ferguson
    hi, I started back the other week,lost 11lb in my first week, but then went completely off the rails !!!
    I have done a lot of sole searching and I think what I am afraid off is succeeding, I know that may not make sense, but being overweight gives me a barrier and an excuse to eat, whereas being slim I have to work at it, and dont have that barrier anymore.
    Back on the wagon today, and looking forward and taking it one day at a time.
    good luck everyone.
  15. Julz

    Julz Silver Member

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    Hi scarycat, I think we all relate to the barriers and excuses we use, sabotaging thoughts.
    Well done for getting back on the wagon, it seems tougher for returners, but stick with it, you know it works, speak to your LLC, she will help identify trigger points and help you through.
    Good luck
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