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  1. VikkiGT4

    VikkiGT4 Miss Awesomeness Herself

    So on 6th January I decided to start my weight loss journey through Cambridge again. After quitting smoking a couple of years ago I've piled on the pounds (3 1/2 stone in fact).

    I figured it's time to do something about it as I do not want to go on holiday end of May feeling like a heiffer like I have the last three/four years.

    I'm on sole source and as usual found it difficult the first week but I managed to get through it and lost 8lbs. Last three weeks I've lost 2lb each time and I've managed to lose 1 stone exactly in 4 weeks - BRILLIANT! So excited!

    I'm starting my add a meal week tonight. Am I right in thinking that it's just 2oz of chicken or 3oz of white fish and two tablespoons of veg i.e. broccoli and cauliflower? I just need to make sure as I've lost my damn book! Lol

    Thanks in advance.

    Oooh and also, will this kick start my metabolism again next week? It's been a while since I've done it and my thinking is adding this small meal will mean that when I go on sole source the week after it should be another good weight loss - is this right?
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  3. CrazyDiamond

    CrazyDiamond Gold Member

    I've heard it helps your metabolism - my 12wks has always fallen on a holiday so never actually found out!

    it's 80g of veg ( i think the 2 tbs was the old way) and 170g chicken (or turkey), 230g white fish, 2 eggs, theres a few other bits but can't be typing it all.....
  4. VikkiGT4

    VikkiGT4 Miss Awesomeness Herself

    Ok so weigh in on Monday after a week of add meal - lost 1lb :D

    Total 1 stone 1lb in 5 weeks :)

    Back on SS now - finding it difficult after having a bit to eat.

    Also had to change consultants as mine has now stopped consulting. Starting with a new one next Friday which gives me 9 days to lose as much as I can - here's hoping for at least 5/6 lbs :)

    Good luck all this week xx
  5. VikkiGT4

    VikkiGT4 Miss Awesomeness Herself

    So - due to get weighed tomorrow and what do I do all week? pick pick pick - just can't stop picking and get back on SS :(

    A week I've now wasted when I could have had a really good weight loss - so not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow night.

    Need to draw a line underneath it and carry on. Chin up, head high, mouth shut to all food source - I will be a size 14 for holiday!!
  6. VikkiGT4

    VikkiGT4 Miss Awesomeness Herself

    Dammit - cack week this week. However, forgot to post and mention it was another 4lbs off last week so 1st 5lbs gone woop - at least another 1st 7lbs to go before holiday :(

    Awful week this week. Reckon I've stayed the same. Haven't been able to stop picking at stuff. So, after weigh in tomorrow night I'm going to draw a line under it and get my head down and stick to sole source for a week - come on Vikki needs a 5lb weight loss week!!!

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