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Returner saying hello

Good morning folks,

I did Exante way back when it had first come out.
Wow, this board is a lot busier now, there were only a handful of posters back then.

I am returning bacause I have gained 2 stones, and I can blame no one but myself really as this spring/summer I have had a ball with food :)

I started day one yesterday and felt really quesey, to cut a long story short I have the stomach bug that my kids have got. So am trying to glug the water regardless and get the packs down even though I can't face them at the moment.

Ohh, I need to change my ticker and stats when I feel better too
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Just keep swimming
Hi Dreamingmaid............I'm back too!! 3 stone for me (crept on from Easter....don't know how LOL....apart from copious amounts of choccie, chinese and wine). Started 2 weeks ago and 1 stone down so not too bad. OH has joined me this time.
Hi dreamingmaid,

like you i restarted yesterday as well and am feeling quesey!! did you feel the same last time?

good luck this time round:)
Hi, no I definately felt better the first time round. I had a touch of nausea with it bu this time it was certainly the stomach bug my kids had, my dh also had it the same day too.
How are you finding day 3?

Hi naturalblue, I remember you from the first time
soon, wow a stone in a fortnight it fantastic. You must be chuffed. What solution are you doing?
I'm doing WS as it really works for me.
Day 3 for me here and so far so good


Just keep swimming
Well chuffed........couldn't believe it, didn't do that well first time round.
I'm on TS until half term, then I'm off to my SIL in Germany with the kids for a week so I'll be off plan then.....maybe carry on with TS or WS depending on how much I have to lose.
Good luck...you know you can do it!!!
Hiya Dreamingmaid....this is my foray with Exante but not with VLCD. Like you...I put back on what I had lost, but did have a few pregnancies in between :) Good luck and I hope you are feeling better x

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