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Revelations on LT


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It's dawning on me now just why I was ALWAYS eating, even if not remotely hungry :eek:
Since I can't turn to food anymore, I've started to really notice, that if I come upon anything in my life that makes me upset, or sad/angry/frustrated etc. I immediately want to eat something :mad:
My daughter has had to move to Edinburgh, due to her OHs job moving there, and she was SO upset on the phone last night after not even being shortlisted for yet another job, (despite 2 degrees)
I was so upset to hear her crying :cry: and I just wanted to stuff my mouth full of something, anything really (not, of course, that that would help at all)
But it made me realise again, coz I noticed it recently too, that I seem to use food as a tool to choke down emotions.
I hope beyond anything, that I can use this awareness when I'm back on real food.
Sorry for the rant, but It may make a real difference to me in the future. :confused: xx
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Cathy I am exactly the same as you. I ate if I was unhappy/bored/lonely any excuse really. My sister is the opposite, in the same situations she would have no appetite and not eat - that would be why she is skinny and I am not!!!!!!

Now we recognise that fact we can use it in the future so we don't turn to food!



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yup I totally agree with you, I have realised that too and it makes me a little afraid to think about going back to eating food, as I am finding it a lot easier not having to make decisions about what to have and how much, but also when I want to comfort eat the fact that if I eat anything it will kick me out of ketosis seems to keep me being a good girl.....so far :)


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Thanx Cuddly and Judy, yes, I remember when my Dad died, I was driving my Mum and Sisters (all slim) back from the hospital and said "shall we stop for fish&chips?" They all recoiled in horror and said there was no way they could eat a thing due to the upset, but all I wanted was to stuff it down! As you say, that's why they're slim and I'm not. Strange isn't it, when we were all raised together.


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Yeah, Nicki, you're so right, at least we know about it now and can keep super aware! I gave up smoking in 1978 and I wonder if food is a subconscious substitute, coz I used to have a fag in the same circumstances! xx
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You are all so right,I think alot of us are the same.I do think however that the confidence we gain through feeling and looking so good will curb our binges because we wont want to do this again x
i was completely the opposite. If i was upset or anxious about anything then I lost my appetite and didn't eat. It was meeting my husband and being content with life that made me eat more. When you have somebody telling you you're sexy when you're stood there with all ya fat hanging out, its hardly an insentive to starve yourself! lol


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Not a bit!
I believe the new anti-depressants are fantastic, they replace a chemical in your brain, thats low when you're depressed.
Only thing is, they take three weeks to kick in, as it takes that long to reach the right level in your blood. Give them a go.
Shamrock, I'm sure you're right, we'll have the incentive NOT to do it!! xx


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Cathy, this is a very good thread as we need to understand why we turn to food and where food fits into our emotions. I think we need to get this cracked as part of our diet mental training, otherwise nothing will have changed. Depression must be the biggest reason for reaching into the cookie jar, which makes us more depressed for putting on weight; and so it goes on! When my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer recently, naturally i was blown away and food was were my santuary was! But i came to the realisation that i could use my depression aginst the food - probably sounds strange i know.
Or at least take my anger out on the food and this is my biggest drive towards losing my weight. I soooooo badly want my mum to see me fit and slim before she passes and i know i can do it.
So as long as we know why we turn to food, we can beat it when we ALL reach our goals xxx


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Absolutely agree with you Sailor boy!
This journey will help us to find out quite a bit about ourselves.
I hope your poor Mum is comfortable and she'll be so happy seeing you get fit and healthy. Keep strong. :hug99:xx
Oh, absolutely! I eat for boredom, sadness, happiness - I LIKE food and enjoy eating and I use it socially...or did!!
I drive past certain shops and think about the nice food in there, it's like each shop has 1 favorite and when I pass, I want to eat it regardless of whether I'm hungry.
I'm even telling people now - I know I'm not hungry, I know I don't need to eat but I WANT to eat so badly.

I think it's a worry for all of us and I just hope we're strong enough to change when we start eating again.


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Good thread Cathy. As I read somewhere:

It is true that we often eat for other reasons than becuse we really need to.
Somewhere on this forum I came across a helpful tool that reads something like this:
HALT! Are you about to eat because you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired?

I think we not only need to lose the weight but also develop strategies to help long term. I've been listening to an audio book 'The thin comandments' by Prof. Stephen Gullo. He says a plan or strategy is stronger than the strongest will-power. It is true.

I'm going to stick these on my fridge:
HALT! Are you about to eat because you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired?
Nothing tastes as good as trim looks

I'm also going to stick on this beauty here:


Love God; Love People

Just one pound of fat looks like this...

Disgusting. This pic on my fridge should stop me from eating junk!


Love God; Love People
You're welcome. Yucky, isn't it?!

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