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What do you guys all do to reward yourself? I rewarded my first week and first 10lb loss by going blonde from dark brown... I'm thinking when I hit 200lb I might have eyelash extensions. I'm running out of ideas of things I can inspire myself with to reward myself! I don't want to buy many clothes until I get to target weight, I'm already slightly upset that my favourite new coat is getting baggy! (Bought before I was going to diet!)
What do you guys do to reward yourself and do you do it at weight lost or time passed? Do you set challenges and then reward yourself? Lets share and have stuff to look forward to :) xxxx
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I will be skinny again!!!
I kinda just put money aside last time for new clothes when I reached goal!

This time I can't cus every penny goes into the wedding fund!! Lol
Shoes and handbags! Can't shrink out of them :)
Oh now handbags are my weakness but I heard that your feet shrink too when u loose weight, is that true? I didn't buy some shoes the other day coz I heard you foot size drops too? Xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol I wish!!! My feet are a size 8 so I wish they would blinkin shink a size!!! Lol
Haha! Really randomly my socks seem baggy so I'm pretty sure I loose weight off the most random places :)
My shoe size is same now at 13 stone as it was when I was under 10 stone
Handbags are my weakness and they ALWAYS fit :)
Some nice new shoes it is then :D


I will be skinny again!!!
I guess sometimes people do have a chubby feet!! My feet always stay the same but my hands gain weight lol
Me too! I'll need to get my rings resized if I reach my target


I will be skinny again!!!
My engagement ring is getting big and y wedding ring is the same size..... My oh will kill me if I get it resized again lol
Lol, just pad them out with blu-tak or something :) or wear gloves all the time :D xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Ill maybe try and get one of those clips things for it! But I was thinking they might not be too bad once I'm not actually freezing ll the time!

tAlking of rewards I'm kinda rewarding myself by buying stuff for my new house lol.... My toaster and a knife set arrived today and I'm all chuffed haha
No need for toasters and knives on this diet!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Oh I know but they are purple and look pretty lol
Haha well that's good then :) you can reward yourself with a slice of toast :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Haha he fiance says... I can reward myself and make him a slice of toast apparently!!! Lol


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I've been doing up my garden mostly. Good exercise and my herb patch is getting more impressive. Although I have summer plans for cocktails with that, so it's not just to look pretty.

For me I tend to buy nail varnish and then waste my evenings painting silly designs on them and faffing with different effects.
BF got me a handbag as a reward for loosing the weight :) I chose the bag (lol) but he paid ;) everytime I use it I feel proud of what i have achieved. He has been here with many a failed attempt before exante.
im planning on getting a pandora charm for every stone i loose x

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