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Ria's B4, during and eventually after..


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wow looking good! ur blessed with a dinky waist too, always looks fab!! keep on going xx


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thanks darling! my mum keeps saying my waist looks amazing, just need to lose a stone from my stomuch/hips and ill be happy, if only we could control where we lose weight from eh!
haha i know tell me about it, its my thunder thighs id chop off, i can get in a sz 10/12 on top and sometimes an 18 is tight on bottom (depending on the shop) crazy aint it!
u dont look out of proportion though so in a stones time imagine how you're gonna look then! wont be long now


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You look fantastic, and probably like alot of my friends :)
from one tattooed girl to another keep it up!

Just Peachy

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What a transformation! You're looking really good, and I love your top on that last one. Oh my god that waist!


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Wow , what a difference, you must be so proud of yourself and the work you have put in ! You are an inspiration indeed !! :)


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Thank you everyone :)


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Congratulations and well done:happy096:


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congrats and well done you look fantastic. :)

do u mind me asking how you did it ? im on lipotrim and really finding it so hard x
Still got about 2 stone to lose but i've not been on any kind of diet, just healthy eating and the gym 3/4 times a week :)


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I think you look like you weigh less then you actually do in those pics!

Well done!


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couple more



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still got nearly 2 stone to lose yet!


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intresting that some of you have said i look younger! Im only 22 anyway lol..

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