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Ria's Diary = 18 4 now - 12 stone 13lbs!


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Hi all,

Thought i'd start myself a diary so i can have somewhere to store my ups and downs ect!

So quickly a bit about me.

Im not on any kind of diet except for healthy eating, ive cut out most fatty foods/chocolate/crisps/cakes ect and havent had a drink since new year! I go to the gym 3 times a week.

I started on January 2nd 2010 weighing in at 18 stone 4lb's and a size 24.

I weigh myself every thursday and in the first 2 weeks id lost 12lb's!!

My last weigh in yesturday (29th April) I weigh 15 stone 6lbs! Im also in size 20 jeans and size 18 tops :D

My goal really keeps moving, originally wanted to lose a stone, then 2, then 3 and now ive moved to wanting to lose 4 and a half. My date i want to have achieved this by is around the 5th July!

Thanks for reading xxx

oh and a before and during pics i think



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i just weighed myself (very naughty of me) but OMG 15 stone 2lb's!!!

ive lost 4lb's since thursday!!!


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decided to throw all my jeans/trousers out that are to big for me!

about 12 pairs in total :|
Well done you! Looks like you are doing great so far and well done for getting rid of those jeans too big for u! xx


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thanks hun, i figured if i got rid of them then less chance of slipping back in to them
Yep you're right! Wont be needin them again lol xx


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So last night me and my mate went and played on the 'dance machine' the kind you see in arcades. Im a pro at them. played for 45 minutes and i sweat less at the gym than i did doing that!

My legs killed this morning! still managed to go to the gym tho

15 minutes treadmill
8 minutes bike
15 minutes cross trainer
5 minutes treadmill

I go rollerskating sunday nights so ill be going there in about half hour!


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Hi Ria love your name by the way.!!! love rollerskating loool have fun chick.

yep big clothes can be given way now.x


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Thanks hun :)

so went and did about an hour inline skating last night, must admit my legs killed so didnt work as hard as i normally do.

Just got back from the gym (again!)

20 minutes treadmill
20 minutes crosstrainer

had to stop then because my legs are killing!!
3 days till weigh in :D
well done fantastic weightloss, what a beautiful looking girl you are :), you should consider ebaying those jeans Ive sold loads of old bigger clothes Ive no longer needed money goes towards the new slimmer ones x


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thank you xx Yeah i think i may do that as its going to cost me a fortune for new clothes i think lol


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you're looking great Ria, well done x


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Thank you hun :) x

Had steak and chips for dinner tonight so wouldnt be suprised if i dont lose anything this week lol
What diet are you on?xx


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Me too! Well that's brill that you managed to go that long without chips it's good to treat yourself, keeps you sane! lol Kirsty xx


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lol very true, havent had a drink/dessert since then either lol
OMG I could not go that long without a drink! lol I can't even go a weekend without one! What do you eat?


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errr, chicken/salmon/beef/salads/stir frys/soup/roast on sundays/ryvita's/crispbreads/pasta

pretty much anything that isnt that fatty lol

ohh and lots of fruit and veg
Sounds a bit like my diet, we don't have an oven though (it broke) so am very limited to what I can cook which is rubbish xx

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