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Rick Stein new show- perfect SW food!!!


Did anyone catch the new Rick Stein show last night? It is called 'Far Eastern Odyssey' the food on it looks AMAZING- exactly the sort of food I adore, and quite unintentionally it is almost all very SW friendly.

Lots of noodles, clear broths, spices, fish, rice and lean meat. I have ordered the book and will let you all know how I get on with my SW adaptations!

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Lover of Extra Easy
Yes, I watched it. It was great!
Did you notice there appeared to be no overweight Vietnamese?
They live on the right food, and it's part of the way they live. Fantastic.
Cocktailprincess, I look forward to your adaptations. Thank you!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
The "broth" with very thinly sliced beef cooked in the stock which was just poured over it with all the other ingredients looked delicious! (tho I don't like rice noodles so I would substitute them) You can almost smell the dishes on it can't you?
Yep Malaika- all looked lean and healthy

And Judi- I agree the beef broth looked amazing- not sure how I am going to recreate the marrow bone boiled for 24 hours though!

I would LOVE to walk around those markets trying everything- I completely agree with him when he said he wished sometimes he didn't get full up 'cause he just wants to try everything!

My friend went to all the places he is visiting last year for her holidays and she said it really is just like it is on the telly. The food was out of this world, so simple yet fantastic taste and everyone is so polite. I just sit and dream when I am watching it but you can almost taste the food being cooked.

Roz V

Full Member
Hubby and I always watch Rick, his programmes are so much more than just 'cookery', and he himself is so well read and entertaining. Still miss Chalky though.

Agree with everyones comments about THIS series in particular, so much more SW friendly than almost any other we've seen - won't even watch Nigella these days! (And LOVED Malaika's comment about 'no fat vietnamese!!!').

Look forward to your adaptations with great interest Cocktailprincess.

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