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Right! A question for moving up the plans.

Okay so soon i shall be thinking about gradually moving up the Exante plans and introducing more foods.
I find the Exante information on this somewhat lacking though sadly.
At the moment i am doing WS, hopefully come september (or before) i will be following HS.
Now, it says that Week 2 additions include some new flavours (yay) with 2 meal replacements and 2 meals. However, i would like to include maybe some whole grain cereal at some point but it doesn't state this anywhere in the booklet, just extra meat and veg and fruit.

Week 3 states we can include Alcohol? How much...it doesn't say:(
The same goes for Week 4's introduction of Pulses and nut and seeds? It doesn't give amounts.

And if i was to substitute my normal milk for Natural Yoghurt, how much could i have?

Moving up the plans is a big deal to me so i want to make sure that i follow it to the letter.

Had a look on their website for some recipes but it only give recipes for the Simple Solutuion which i wont be following.

I appreciate that i wont get many replies because i know that it is still a new diet and not many people have followed the maintanence stage yet.
Sarahp, if you're there could you advice.

Ta muchly:)
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Happy to be slim at last

When I moved onto Simple (which I am still on), I did it by counting the calories of the news foods into my daily plan and have just been sensible. So as long as I don't go over the 1200 per day, I am fine. I have to say that I also introduced wholegrain homemade muesili (sp?) and did this again by calories. For cereals, it's generally around 40g for a sensible portion, so this should be ok. But that is just my personal feeling and would like to get you some more concrete information.

When it comes to healthy solution, my recommendation would be to go up in calories levels slowly (around 200 per week) until you get to a level that suits your body to maintain. For most females this is around 2000 cals, but it does differ.

So, all that said, I will contact the office and see if they have guidelines on amounts of foods and alcohol will get back to you as soon as I hear from them.
Thank you Sarah, yes i often thought that as long as your calories are monitored closely it should be okay.
I even monitor my calorie intake now on WS to make sure i stay on track.

My idea is to move through the plans at a slower pace then in the book anyway....maybe do each stage over a 2 or 3 week period as to not overwhelm my body too much and not get the glycogen stores. That's my plan anyway!!

Any advice from HQ would be great Sarah. Thanks


taking it 1 day at a time
Thanks for asking the question DM and for the answer Sarah. I've been looking at this just this morning. I'm moving up through the weeks up until my hols to give me a bit of an easier time whilst away. I think i'll have to get a pocket calorie book, been using food focus online but can't afford the data charges abroad. I'll be watching this thread with interest.


Happy to be slim at last
Sorry that it's taken a few days to update this thread. I have had a manic few days.

I did talk with head office and in light of the feedback from you guys and other customers, they are working on providing more detailed information on moving onto the healthy plan and maintaining there after. More details will be available very shortly.

Gina, i think you are moving onto healthy very soon, so if you require some help before the info comes out, feel free to PM me and I will help on things.


taking it 1 day at a time
Thanks Sarah. I'm moving up the weeks as listed in the booklet and hope to stick with the 4th week (Is that Healthy Solution) whilst on holiday. I'm hoping I can stick with it on holiday and at least maintain. I'll then have to re-evaluate when I get back and assess the damage. I went shopping this weekend and now have a suitcase full of size 10s so there's no chance that I'm giving up this body................... (unless someone can offer me one 20 years younger, lol. 5 kids and 44 years have taken their toll!!)

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