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I started the LT diet yesterday and today i feel really tired and my mouth feels really dry. I am so psyched up though - this is my last ditch attempt - i am 46 yrs of age and been fat all my life. I just hope that this works for me. I have seen a colleague at work lose 22 lbs in 6 weeks and she looks fantastic so i am hoping i can at least half my body weight.

Is there anyone else on here as large as i am (or who started out this big)!!! I am 19 st 9lb or i was yesterday... anyone any ideas how much i should/could lose in the first week?

I am so determined - i have stuck to it yesterday and am sticking to it today - was crunching on ice cubes last night because i felt i needed something to bite on but it worked and i presume plain ice frozen is ok....

hope to be on here in 6 months time telling everyone how great it feels to be slim.....

Thanks for listening/reading
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Hi Pineda.

You are not alone! lol. I started at an enormous 22st 1lb. By the time i'm at goal i'm likely to have been on it for 10 months. ice cubes are fine - no problems there! when my mouth gets dry i glug very cold water or brush my teeth - that helps a lot.

the first week varies for everyone. have a look through some of the other threads and many people, like me put their weekly losses in their signature. it also varies on what kind of diet you were having before LT and also your body, do you normally retain water etc.

best of luck hun - you'll be great if you stay motivated and get on here as often as possible because it really helps!

Hi and welcome its a hard diet the first its not natural to not eat but after a week its great you won't feel hungry
and you keep going and going :)
i think the avarage weight loss for the first week is around 8 to 12 bls but people have actually lost a stone
this diet aims to help you lose a stone a month on avarage hope that helps

debz x


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yeah i was 20 stone 4lbs.my heaviest ever!was so horrible x
i do tend to carry my weight a bit better coz i'm so tall and to look at me you wouldn't have said i weighed that,BUT i knew i did and that hurt.
doing this is the best decision i have made.looking at other ppls losses each week spurs you on and everyone is so supportive.
the first week can be tough but you should be fine after that.
keep at it and good luck x


Positivity is the key
Hi Pineda,
Well done for starting, I started here 100 days ago, (that's not very long really)at 20 stone 5lb and now I am 15 stone 2 and a half pounds, so a lot of weight lost in a short space of time.
There isn't anyone on here who hasn't started with a negative self image but when the weight starts to come off, you can see people change and grow and this too will happen for you.
Wishing you all the best, take it easy on yourself for the first few weeks, you will soon be an old hand at this and handing out advice to someone who needs it.
Best of luck.
Hi Pineda and welcome to the mad world of LT. Good luck with your journey.


Otherwise known as Jools
Hi Pineda, I was a bigger girl - 21st 1 - but after only 3 weeks am a similar to what you are now.

Only advice I can offer is to keep your mind focused on why you started this plan, keep drinking plenty of water, black tea, black coffee etc and of course come on here regularly to get more advice and plenty of hints and tips.

It may not seem so at the time but that first week soon goes by as you get excited wanting to see how well you have done, and once you hit ketosis its so much easier and your excitement grows more and more each week.

Good luck I am sure that you will do well

how soon do you hit ketosis? and what does ketosis do? i am sure i remember something about that when i did the Atkins diet many moons ago.

thanks to everyone for being so supportive it really does help

Best of luck for your first week; it's the hardest week, but once you get through it the rest is comparatively easy!

As everyone's said, your first weeks loss is individual to each person, but you can look around to see how much people have lost.

Ketosis is the process of your body burning your fat stores for ages; you normally get there after a few days, though, it can take up to a week. It depends how long it takes to use up your glycogen stores :)

Welcome hun and good luck.

I started LT last April weighing 18stone 9lb and had lost nearly 9 stone by Christmas, alas I was not so successsful with the maintaining so I'm back again.

You will be in ketosis by the end of the first week and things should get easier from then on.


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