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  1. coccinella

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    Just been for my 4th weigh in and, to my horror, I have only lost 2 lbs. Now what is happening? I have not cheated at all but can't understand it. I have actually come away from the chemist without stocking up for this week. Seriously depressed. I know I have a lot more lbs to loose so why aren't they shifting. Feel like sticking my head in the oven now.... now worries though its electric. lol. Please can someone give me either an explanation or a kick up the ~~#!. I feel as if I have given 100% only to get nothing back. Julia xx
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    Aww Hunny, just want to send you a hug! Just look at what you have achieved over the month, not just today's weigh in. Be strong, and wait for next weeks results before doing anything else, its not possible not to loose the weight, we all know that.

    Be Strong and good luck for next week xx
  4. cee-cee

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    I fully sympathise, this is what sent me into a tailspin last week.

    Well ... looking at other people's weight losses, it does seem that you can have a lower weight loss week and then say a 5lb loss the next week. Or even a week when you don't lose anything. I have a theory that your body just gets used to the lower calories, but this doesn't seem to be the case for everyone though.

    A more experienced LTer will be along soon I expect, who may be able to shed more light on it.
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    hey ah poor you id say your gutted
    i know when i done the weight watchers there would always be 1 week in the month where id be up or loose nothing
    why dont ye just go and get more LT and just say to yourself that ye will do one more week and ye might amaze yourself next week iknow its hard but dont give up just yet
  6. blue_grapefruit

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    I reckon its cos you have had some big losses and your body is trying to catch up. Keep at it, some people get a small loss one week and a bigger one the next...

    Dont forget, your body wants to stay fat - it is gripping on to those fat cells and screaming out for food to refill them again! DONT LET IT WIN! Get a big drink of water, put on your fav song, get back to the chemist and stock up.

    Are you going to take control of that body or are you going to let it win?

    by the way - your weight loss so far has been amazing! xxx
  7. Toni

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    Blue Grapefruit, those are wise words!!!!!!!!! x
  8. will

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    i just absolutly luvvvv gok
  9. TracyJ

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    Hey hun i had a few 2lb losses tats still great! they all add up and get you to your target honestly! Check your measurments Julia..quite often you lose more inches when you lose less weight definitely xxx
  10. angel137

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    i know how gutted you are feeling, but re-stock! you will be more gutted with yourself if you dont!! why not look at your weight loss on a monthly period. the weekly little losses add to a great loss. (if you know what i mean lol!)
  11. blue_grapefruit

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    Why thank you doll xxx
  12. nictastic

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    It is still a loss hunni...have you kept up your water intake? Please dont give up you have done soooo well already i am sure it will make up for it next week
    Take care hun x
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