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I agree, her poor boys will never be able to think of mothers day without being reminded that they were robbed of theirs. Poor little lambs. I must say I was not her biggest fan but I take my hat off to her she wanted the best for her boys and seemed to be a very good mother. With all the evil people in the world it doesn't seem fair that she died so young.
It saddened me when I read the news that she'd died at 3.55 this morning in her sleep. As always its the ones who are left behind who have to deal with it. Her husband won't know what's hit him...... sigh


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yes poor jade goody and her boys..she did not deserve to die especially so young

yes mothers days is a horrible day for it to happen
Such a shame, but she did do a lot to raise the issue of cervical cancer and testing in young girls, that is something that her family can be proud of
Oh my god....I cannot believe what my neighbour has just said....she is 75 years of age and lost a husband to cancer...I was just on the phone speaking to her and told her that Jade had died and she replied (and I really cant believe she said this) "Good she deserved it"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the ??????....I told her in no uncertain terms that no one deserves to die such a horrible death as I myself lost both parents to cancer. After a good five minutes she changed tack and said "ok she did not deserve to die but I did not like her begging for money"....I have to say if I had been in Jade's position I would of done exactly the same for my kids....I am speechless at this attitude easpecially from someone who has been through this themselves. Rant over...xx


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RIP Jade. She was so brave, right to the end. What a star. xxx


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Sleep peacefully now Jade! This young girl faced this demon head on with bravery and courage. Her fight is over now. She made her illness public for her boys and to save the lives of other young women, how courageous is that. To say goodbye to her boys so they wouldn't see her near death is the bravest thing ever, so selfless.....I don't know if I could have done what she did. RIP


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At least she is no longer suffering. I feel for her boys and her husband and mother but I know that she has gone to a better place and will be watching over them, laughing and smiling as she always did, no longer in pain. God bless them all xx


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Its so sad. At least she is in peace now and no longer suffering. My heart goes out to all her friends, family and 2 boys.
Your neighbour should be ashamed Charlie! My god, like I said I wasn't her biggest fan but what she wanted to do was raise enough money to have her boys looked after properly and give them a private education as she never had a good one, she wanted a better life for them who can knock her for that.................

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