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Roast Potatoes


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Now winter seems to have set in I am back with my Sunday roast regime!

I was wondering what the best way is to make SW friendly roast pots. I assume that good old Fry Light is the answer but was wondering if any of you guys have any other secrets!

I seem to have put on 2lbs so got to do this 100% today.

Thx x
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Best way I think is to either boil or microwave first so they are cooked through.. then put in oven sprayed with frylight.. add some rosemary and garlic too.. yummy


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i did this as an experiment once and my boyfriend actually requests them with his dinner now!

-parboil some potatoes (sometimes use baby new potatoes with the skin on)
-crumble a veg stock cube (1 sin) in a tiny amount of hot water so it dissolves into a thick paste
-shake the potatoes in the empty saucepan to fluff them up (if not new potatoes)
-tip the potatoes into a roasting tray along with the stock and roll around so they potatoes are coated
-spray with frylight and roast on a high heat.

...instead of stock you could use bovril or marmite to give them a meaty roast flavour.


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Hi Edwin

I cooked a roast last night.. and was torn with oh for family and then for me...:sigh:

But I had always dry roasted when I was single and have gone back to that for me and to be honest they are really wonderful.

The best investment that any slimmer can purchase is a cooking sheet.. I have one and it was big enough to cut into two! The one I have is designed to be used in ray burns so does not burn or stick and the food tastes great and no pan cleaning lol

If you look on ebay you will find some... they may seem expensive but you use it over and over and over again.

Then par boil your spuds... throw your herbs spices etc on and cook away with NO STICKING!!

I use it to do my potatoe wedges... just slice and wash pots... add chili, garlic and any other spices you want throw in oven with no oil or spray lite what ever that is haha and cook.... taste yummy and of course on a green day... FREE!! and that is what is all about!

Also fantastic for cooking eggs.... chops.. chicken breast ... it is limitless!

Good luck and let us know what you try.



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I like to use rooster potatoes. I just parboil for 5 minutes or so and spray on the old fry light.


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Just finished my sunday roast yum yum.

I just used fry light in the end as usual and they were good!

Thanks for the tips. I will definitely try the stock cube idea as that sounds different. I did have a baking sheet but left in my old oven when we moved (along with a load of good quality tins!). I have not seen them since but think now is the time to invest again!

Got friends over the afternoon and have made chocolate cupcakes for the kids so need to find some willpower...



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The key is 'Butter' Frylight ;-) AMAZING roasters!


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Fry Light is free! It's basically a spray oil so you can fry stuff and 0 syns! There are different types - sunflower oil, butter and olive oil (i think).

You can get it most places - certainly my local waitrose, tesco & sainsburys sell it.

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fry light is free, tescos/sainsbury do it.


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There's also Frylight Salad Dressings now, which are also free on SW. There's a balsamic one (which tastes nice, but you may as well use a spritz of actual balsamic vinegar!), and a Cesar Dressing one which I think is very, very nice. I think the dressings are ONLY available in Tescos, and not all Tescos carry them.
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dont forget one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil can be counted as a healthy b!!


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just wanted to say i got bought two of those baking sheets in lidl for 99p each they r great so stuff doesnt stick and my trays stay clean.

obviously they dont always have them just something to look out for.

plus all fruit and veg in lidls is half price for oct i ve stocked up

Debs x

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