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Roll on the new me!Bring on the challenge 2011!!

Well, i havent actually started weight watchers yet because its on Monday but since Tuesday i i have resorted to my own plan to get me set for WW on Monday! I did lipotrim 2.5 years ago, went from 21 stone to 11 stone, maintained for 9 months and had an extended fleu de lis abdomino plasty which is basically being cut down the middle and across like an upside down T right round to my hips and muscle repair. recovered after 8 weeks and my bf dumped me in march 2010 11 weeks after my op. had to move out etc etc my life was in tatters, was totally having a quatre life crisis and started eating little by little more n more for comfort. And here i am now back up to 16 stone 11 pounds!

so gutted, i wish i would have just thought hes not worth it, but i didnt i went on a downer... anyway enough of the past its a new year, new start, new me!

So far since Wednesday:
B- nothing
L-heinz soup 128 cals
D-mixed veg, chicken breast, jacket potato and gravy 509 cal
Snacks -1 orange 100 cal, tuna in springwater 113 cal, salad cream 70 cal, ryvita 35 cal, nestle milkshake with semi skimmed milk 170 cal

total 1130 cals

B- 2 eggs scrambled 202 cals
1 brown toast with flora 45 cal
cooking oil used 119 cal 2 spoons
cup of tea 19 cal

L-No lunch
D- chicken breast 238 cal
new potato 165 cal
mixed veg 160 cal
gravy 25 cal

Snacks-2 apples 144 cal
2 brown toast 90 cal
cup tea 19 cal
nestle milkshake 170 cal

total - 1397

Friday today
B -2 eggs scrambled with fry light 202 cals
1 brown toast 45 cal

L- nothing

D- diet coke 0 cal
stir fry 70 cal
chinese noodles 186 cal
jalfrezi sauce 60 cal
chicken breast 238 cal
fry light 9 cal

Snacks - orange 100 cal
green grapes 12, 41cal
2 brown toast 90 cal

total- 1042.

i want to start the ww pro points but wondering if any good if anyone is doing the new pro points one? xx
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Hey there!!

Welcome and good luck with your journey. Sounds like you've had a pretty hard time of things lately. Well done for taking the first step towards your brighter future!!

I'm doing propoints, and really enjoying it. There's quite a lot of us on here doing the plan, so lots of support and motivation!!

thats great to know. thanks. do you think its easier than counting calories or the same? Do u think its worth while me starting the pro points programme rather than the old one (if u did that) x
Hungry hungry, cant sleep hunger pangs go away come back another day. will have another cracking day tomorrow. Cant wait to fit back into all my old nice clothes, staying focused. Nothing tastes as good as being slim... Fact.... personal trainer coming on monday, cannot wait!!
Hey love. Sorry to hear you've been through a bit of a tough time recently - but you sound really positive and already are making amends - brilliant stuff! :)

I'm doing ProPoints too and I'm really enjoying it - to be honest I don't find it a whole heap different to the Discover plan (I am eating roughly the same sorts of things).

I prefer it to calorie counting (which I have done in the past unsuccessfully) because WW encourages you to make healthy choices - the thing is with CC is that you could have half a pizza for 500 calories, but you could have a much more healthy meal for less than that. I would give ProPoints a go, and if you struggle with it, there is always the old points plan to fall back on :)

hey hun yes i agree, calorie counting can be annoying, but i have enjoyed doing it this week to get me used to ww pro plan which im really looking forward to. yes i agree, to use no points u must pick healthy food. all the reviews i have read so far have been fantastic and its been tried and tested around the world by thousands so it Must work. plus it teaches u a lifestyle change too. Thanks chick.

Meal plan today so Far:

B- 2 eggs scrambled with fry light 210 cal
1 piece bread 65 cal
Utterly butterly 36 cal
Coffee 5cal
semi skimmed milk 49 cal
mushrooms 28 cal

L - half tin of soup 87 cal
1 piece of bread 65 cal

Snacks - seabrook salted crisps 187 cal

total so far without dinner - 582 cal

D -
I think also the thing with calorie counting is some of it is a bit of guess work - I remember when I was doing it I was looking up things like grapefruit and I couldn't always be sure of the exact number. But I was being crazy silly with it and basically not eating.

Menu sounds fab so far! xxx
yes your right hun. im looking forward to starting ww pp tomorrow :)xxx

Had an awful weekend naughty lyns!!! get a grip woman!!


B- 2 scrambled eggs 202 cal
fry light 6cal
1 piece bread 65 cal
utterly butterly 37 cal
mushrooms 28 cal
coffee 5 cal
semi skimmed milk 49 cal

L- half tin heinz soup 87 cal
1 bread 65 cal

D- cod in butter sauce 99 cal
mixed veg 160 cal
jacket potato 200 cal
gravy 25 cal
wine 419 cal

Snacks- seabrook crisp 174 cal
quavers 87 cal
2 sausages 230 cal
dominos 4 slices of pizza 1296 cal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
piece of cake 340 cal!!!!!!!!!!!
wine 830 cal!!!!!!

Total 4442 cal........... Really shudnt have got tipsy an eaten loads :-(


B- 2 poached eggs 147 cal
2 brown toast 135 cal
cup of tea 19 cal


D- jacket potato 200 cal
ham - 69 cal
garden peas - 62 cal
utterly - 37 cal

pear 122 cal
banana 105 cal
3 brown toast 135 cal
utterly x 2 37 cal
scrambled egg x 2 202 cal

total..... 1307 cals, not so bad today but should have really cut back an made some up from yesterday but hey ho, a new day tomorrow!

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