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  1. annieslim

    annieslim Member

    Really unhappy with my weight and want to be healthier and fitter. I have tried various diets and some have worked well but not for the long term. 5:2 sounds as if it could be just what I need so here goes. After a false start yesterday I have started this thread which I hope will keep me on track and that fellow dieters will support me on my journey.
    Starting with a fast day today. Menu plan is
    Breakfast: egg, button mushrooms and a blob of ketchup.
    Snacks: have allowed for 100 ml of almond milk ( recommended as v low cals and no saturated fat) to use in coffee through the day
    Lunch: 100g strawberries
    Dinner: stir fry veg, prawns and 1/4 noodles ( all from m&s)
    Total cals for the day will be 490

    I am rubbish with water so have a 750 bottle ready to keep me focused and will try to drink that this morning and refill for the afternoon.

    Wish me luck! Will check in later x

    Start weight 11.13
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  3. Jeni

    Jeni Full Member

    Hi Annie.

    I'm just starting today, hit a wall with slimming world! I haven't seen the documentary or read the book so I'm scouring the internet trying to find info an loads of menu ideas!

    Good luck to you x

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  4. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Silver Member

    Good luck Annie I'm a newbie to 5:2 also. I need to get some almond milk as I am a real coffee addict. Good luck x
  5. annieslim

    annieslim Member

    Hi well so far so good.
    Just had my m and s stir fry and was really nice. Don't feel at all deprived. The almond milk is absolutely fine in coffee, I havent noticed any difference, and I am a bit fussy usually with that sort of thing. It is really low in calories, only 13 for 100 ml so means you can have plenty of coffee without using too many milk calories. I would recommend. Any tips out there for fasting days?? I am also a bit confused re calories on non fasting, would you say 1200-1500 would be okay ?
  6. annieslim

    annieslim Member

    Hi Jeni. Hope your day going well. X
  7. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Silver Member

    Oh thanks for that I'm going to get some tomorrow. I've just been having a WW ready meal with veg on my fast days. I had a cuppa soup and crackerbreads for lunch . I have just got the recipe book so I do plan on making some nice bulkier meals for fast days. ( WW meals are notoriously small ha ha ) I am not counting at the moment on non fast days I plan on eating sensibly for a few weeks with 2 fast days if this fails I will start counting.
  8. LilEm

    LilEm Full Member

    Hey good luck! I find im more hungry once I have eaten (odd I know) so I dont eat until around 4 oclock on fast days
  9. annieslim

    annieslim Member

    Thanks all, great tips. 2 lb down yay!! Great for day 1, but I expect water plus now got an up or non fast day that may rebalance- but a good start which has really motivated me. And I wasn't hungry yesterday and I slept really well. Really pleased.

    I will fast again tomorrow. Have started the day with slice of whole meal with scrambled egg. I didn't eat my strawberries yesterday so may have those for lunch and then a cooked meal with the family tonight- perhaps pasta. I will plug it all in MVP to check adds up okay.

    Plan to walk for 45 mins this afternoon and may dust off some exercise videos for later this week.

    Have a good day everyone! X
  10. annieslim

    annieslim Member

    Know what you mean. It is like eating just makes you hungry! They say to eat slowly and I did try yesterday as usually I don't as this apparently gives your brain time to know you are full!
    Not sure I could go without breakfast. I am fine with not eating during the day though especially if busy. Busy the key for me I think. That's why I have picked Thursday for my next fast as out all day and then seeing a friend in the evening.
  11. Jeni

    Jeni Full Member

    Hi everyone, I felt really proud of myself last night for completing a fast day, 499 cals! Although I did go to bed hungry but that's expectable.

    I weighed this morning and was 2.5lb down! Obviously I don't expect this to happen all the time but it's great for keeping me motivated.

    Haven't been exact with counting today but I'm under 2000 and im going to the gym later, not been for months so I imagine I'll be a mess later :)

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  12. annieslim

    annieslim Member

    Hi Jeni, brilliant result. Well done! It is so nice to see a lower number on the scales, love that feeling! Sounds like you have it sussed x
  13. annieslim

    annieslim Member

    Well meals didn't go exactly to plan today but MFP counted up as 1250 so happy with that. Had 4 Jacobs crackers with soft cheese for lunch. Boullion in the afternoon. Steak, salad, mushroom and small portion of oven chips for tea ( felt mega full!) and a naughty large glass red wine!
    Did my walk too so at least did some exercise instead of seating at desk all day. Need to do much more though. And drink more water.

    Tomorrow is my second fast of week 1, and feeling cool about it!

    Happy girl, and will be happier if lose after next fast again!
    night all x
  14. Jeni

    Jeni Full Member

    Well done to you too Annie! I'm doing my 2nd fast day tomorrow too. I'm thinking a weightwatchers meal at lunch and a huge plate of steamed veg in the evening, should have enough cals for sugar free jelly and 1 scrambled egg white is only 17 cals so might fit that in too if need be. Also 2 litres of water like yesterday!

    Good luck to everyone fasting tomorrow :)
    Night x

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  15. littlemisspiggy16

    littlemisspiggy16 Silver Member

    Hello! :wavey:

    Great to hear you've got off to such a good start :D

    1250kcal for a non-fast day is very moderate, I'm impressed! I don't count mine but try not to go too OTT by loosely following SW on my UDs (I say loosely as my syns often go a bit high. I blame alcohol, hehe).

  16. annieslim

    annieslim Member

    Wasn't so good yesterday. Really confident and strong all day then are two chicken goujons and had glass of wine. Left me on 798 cals so not a fast but a low cal day. Remain just the 2 lb down at 11.11.

    Will be a moderate day today, should be able to stick within 1200. Tomorrow out with friends for a meal, and Sunday I love my roast so next fast will be Monday.
  17. Rachgleeson

    Rachgleeson Gold Member

    Just popping by to subscribe. How are you getting on now? Did you fast today?

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