Romance is not dead!


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I remember celebrating my 30th birthday with stitches, piles and sore tits - no not kinky sex, I had a baby!

If my hubby sent me flowers, I would be amazed. He thinks that sort of thing is a waste of money and says he shows me he loves me by 'doing the dishes for me'. Men!
Sorry, I posted the above on a new thread and meant to reply to Karen's as below. It won't make sense without it!

gorgeous smelling books!
omg im (for once!) gobsmacked!

my hubby asked me to wait in for some books that hes ordered from amazon. hes always ordering IT geek books so just rolled my eyes (as u do...)

well the "books" have turned ot to be a huge bunch of flowers with a card reading "mrs t, to the start of your weekend! love BossMan (oo how manly lol)

which leads me to believe that my 30th birthday weekend is going to be more interesting than previously thought!! this is the man that forgets valentines and dont bother much with any event. (even though he knows i go mental about it lol)

ooo im so excited and had to tell u all first. :D
Karen :D
AmandaJayne my husband did not get me flowers either when our son was born as he felt I had enough:(

I think some men just don't get it and I know my husband is one of them.

Still he has his good points and I would not swap him for the world.:)

On occasion he has managed to surprise me over the years:rolleyes: :)

Love Mini xxx
Mizzy only ever got flowers sent to me once it was the valentines day of the year I was thinking of splitting up (before we were married!). It was nice but I felt it was more an act of desperation of what he thought he should do rather than what he wanted to do.

He occasionally buys me some at Tesco now and not for any particular reason which is nice, but is slipping as he's not done it for a while. Maybe because I'm happier with myself now he isn't having to try so hard again. Anyway mustn't complain, he goes to work each day while I stay home and go to the gym and shop and then he pays the credit cards at the end of the month.

Sadly I don't think I can even remember my 30th birthday my second son was about 3 months old and we were preparing to move to Canada.

To be honest the whole of the past 10 years are a bit of a blur.

I hope Karen has a wonderful birthday and a super time being flirty thirty.

Amanda Jayne how wonderful to give birth on your thirtieth you certainly won't forget yours even if you didn't get flowers.

Dizzy x
I've dropped that many hints about flowers but it never worked so find it easier to buy my own and then I get to choose the ones I want. Sad ain't it
Irene xx
I've dropped that many hints about flowers but it never worked so find it easier to buy my own and then I get to choose the ones I want. Sad ain't it
Irene xx

Thinking about it Irene that is probably it. I haven't bought my own for a while and I guess that's why he hasn't thought about it recently.

I usually treat myself to flowers when I have been really energetic with the housework and the house is looking pristine. (That's why I've not bought lately!) It's a really treat, reward then and finishes the room off I don't like flowers when the house is messy just adds to the clutter.

Dizzy x
I remember when we went on holiday together and it was my birthday (the first of our relationship together). I had been dropping hints that I would like perfume. He got me a toaster! I was aghast and couldn't speak for a while. He must have thought I was overwhelmed with gratitude, because I had been burgled the week before and a toaster was one of the things stolen.

I had stopped unwrapping the toaster after realising what it was. It stayed like that for seven years before I eventually opened it and started using it!

For Chistmas I dropped more hints about perfume. However, this time I asked him what he thought I wanted. He said "a watch". Perplexed I asked why, "because you keep asking me the time". Now I have learned that I have to specify exactly what I would like, or I'll get something obscure.
Sounds familiar Amanda Jayne, I have to ask for something technical like a camera, ipod, laptop anything I want as long as it's electronic (he's a software engineer!) Ordinarily though I don't get anything unless I buy it myself but bless him he let's me get away with murder buying what I want when I want so I guess I shouldn't complain but it would be nice to have something spontaneous. Something like a weekend away organised would be really fab!

Nice to know I'm not alone though.

Dizzy x