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Room for a " large" one??

I'm back here after being on in 2007 and six stone down. I now have 3 stone to lose. Majority of that coming from my ex walking out when I was 4 months pregnant and me being on own for last 2 and half years. Just started dating again and have had a bad experience of some guy telling me I was too fat for sex :( I have take that really really bad ( and I'm normally super confident person.

Any groups I could join? I'm on day 4 with 3 stone to lose that I am hoping to by my birthday in november. I could do with the support
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Joining a team

Hi - have you had any replies yet ?- I just started a few days ago and am a bit confused with how you join a team,:confused: but can see it would be a great motivator!! So if you still have room I'm up for it - I have 6 st to loose to get back to feeling human after a really c**p time for the last 18 months.
Hi Guys count me in! Im in the same boat need to get this weight off have about 6 stones to loose aswell only on day 1..

Ps Sammy What a D*(k is all I can say about that!

I have had a few horrible experiences aswell but that is horrendous you poor dool you will be divine for your bithday and you can tell him to go take a long jump!
OK so our team so far is Skippydog, Pinkprincess85 and Sammy2 - maybe if we wait a few days and get a few others (am I right in thinking you need 6 people?) - will have to think of a name (and maybe not All men are b******ds although is tempting!)
Can I join? I'm in another team too though but it's not moving much and I need to talk lol
Hi Majella - nice to hear from you. have to scout around for a few more members of this thread maybe too!!. How are you doing - into week 2 now and feeling OK but not sure how much I am loosing - hope it will be worth all the effort. If you have been in a team do you know how it works?
Hi Skippy I'm in week 2 now as well. I lost 7lbs and another 1 down this morning! This diet is so worth it, this is my second time on it. I didn't regain all the weight I lost at all and I'm doing it now to loose the rest of my weight. I low carbed for a while too which works but I kept going off track and that's why I'm doing this. I don't have to think too much about food and the choices are limited, it works fast and takes fat from all over the body evenly. So my face a boobs shrink!!

I don't know how the teams work but we can just keep posting and see if anyone else joins us
hey everyone - did we find any extra members?
Hi everyone - sounds like we are all in a similar position so if we use this thread as a little group to support each other?. 2nd weigh in last night, only lost 2lbs and no inches so gutted as have stuck 100% but wonder if am due TOTM, seems like a hell of a lot of effort for just that, so had better be much better next week:sigh:. Looking at some threads it seems some people alternate and have 1 big week and then a small week, big , small liek that, so hope thats me!!


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Hi can I please join you ladies, I am in my first week of cd and need to lose a min of 6 stone
Skippy first time round I was like that. Would be like 2 pounds one week and like 8 the next week. Stick with it. You WILL see the difference next week x

Lfc welcome. We all in here together so that's good. I've got 3 stone to lose x


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Hiya thanks for the welcome, I had a quick jump on scales today and it showing 5 lb loss. And was 4 lb this morning so deffo coming of.
We will all do this :)
Hi Lfc - have to look at my other thread about jumping on and off the scales - is killing me!!, is funny how motivating it is some days and horrible others, almost like its so fast we expect the scales to have moved every time we get on!!


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Skippydog. I feel like locking the scales away lol as I just can't stop standing on them every time I go pee lol. I hope I have a good loss at end of week


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I am still here and still want to be part of this but due to personal reason I have a CDC n restarting on Thursday xxx
nice to have a final little wee group to come and chat on - well done LFC, going in the right direction - keep going.. Another couple of days, half stone down!

Skippy I read your thread yesterday - very funny and when I stepped on the scales today (my daily ritual) I did think about you. To be fair stepping on the scales everyday for me has saved me from putting on all the weight I lost a few years back. I know I still put a fair bit on (mostly due to being pregnant again) but the daily weigh in gave me the kick at times I needed..


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Hi skippydog. Yes everything is fine and I restart tomorrow. But with a new CDC as the other one was telling me everything wrong and telling me I was not allowed to choose what plan I am etc xxxx. So back bright a button tomorrow but on a good side I went on scales today 7 lb down yay x
Well done you!! - it does help having a CDC you can trust. Is still quite a new relationship for me and not really had any difficulties yet, I think that's when the cards are really down and you need that extra support - part of the reason for being on here too I guess!

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