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Room for a new one?

Hiya all,

I'm a bloke, been doing Exante for nearly seven weeks now, and have lost over three stone in that time - to say I'm delighted is an understatement!

I'm sure things will slow down a bit now, but I'm chuffed with the losses so far - I have only been having three shakes a day as I couldn't find anywhere that said whether to have three or four for men, but feel fine with this so will probably stick to three for now.

Nice to read how well others are doing too - I just read the post about trying to make this part of the site busier, so will try to post from now on, and not just be a secret lurker!


Week 1 - 18lb (!)
Week 2 - 7lb
Week 3 - 6lb
Week 4 - 9lb

Week 5 - 6lb
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Bad Girl
Hello, welcome, pull up a chair and all that. :)

It'll be nice to get a male perspective on things I think, although you may have to duck all the flying hormones occasionally! :D

Congrats on your loss so far, how are you getting on with the diet in general? Just wondering as well, did you do an add-a-meal week in week 5?


taking it 1 day at a time
Hi John, welcome aboard. Wow at those losses, I'm turning green as we speak! Keep up the good work, look forward to getting to know you.


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wow!you've had great losses.
first week was a huge one!
well done x

Miss Demeanour

I.P. Freely
Brilliant! Great to have you here. I'm sure we will be tapping you for plenty of advice from now onwards. ;)
excellent John - im on a similar diet (New You)...no specific forum for me...sad times...lol.... so i look forward to hearing and sharing your journey, fabulous results to date....
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Things have slowed down this week - only 5lbs, which is kind of expected and I knew it couldn't carry on like it was forever!

Yambabe, I didn't do the add a meal in week 5, I was going to, but then decided to leave it. To be honest, I found the booklets sent with the packs really unclear about whether I was meant to add a meal or not, so I left it.

Need to start some exercise now - reading the words "For best results add 20 minutes of exercise daily!" every time I reach for the blender is making me feel guilty.

If I take my time with the extra toilet trips, and keep bending down to put on two pairs of socks cos Im freezing all the time, do you think that will count towards the twenty minutes? :p


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I like that
so you have been on jsut 3 packs a day?

How much exercise do you take now

I am feelng colder, or is it the weather in the past couple of days??
so very impressed with your weight loss
Your Mates/Work?Family must see you as the amazing shrinking man!

Moi? Jealous of your Male metabolism?


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Hi great weight loss

Showed my husband your post and he is very impressed:D. he is starting with me next monday and we both want three stone off .. so you have inspired him lol

the book is really uninformative ..

On most VLCD'S men should be on four packs a day and this should be the same. But the web site and the books say nothing on it ,, and also,, re the add a meal week .

I'm going to do it with the shakes and bars only but if i have a day i just cant ill eat a low call low carb meal and two shakes as better that than falling off lol

Ive read a little on exante - like my NEW YOU diet.....i agree men are advised to take 4 products!!! Lucky them eh....mind you i have been living on 3 products for 6 weeks now and am horrified that i used to eat simply because i could!!!


Bring it on!
Welcome. The exercise will help tone but i've read a couple of medical things lately that show there is no increase in weight loss with a VLCD if you add exercise. Mind you the toning up will help with the inches. Also you can stay on a VLCD for longer than 12 weeks but you should have checks with your GP if you are not adding the meal after every 4 weeks. Great losses keep up the good work. :)