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I joined my local Rosemary Connelly group when my middle son (now 13) was 2. He had just celebrated his second birthday and I watched the video of his party and was horrified at this fat woman in leggings and baggy black t-shirt...(at the time I thought I had hidden it ...but I just looked like a fat woman trying to hide her fat!..which I was (am) ) the same time I noticed an article in the paper about a new slimming group starting up at my sons school in the evenings. I rang the number and got details about enrolling.

When I arrived I was very nervous. But everyone was friendly and I wasnt the fattest by any means...which worried me.

I am 5ft 4 and weighed in at 11stone 10 (I am 12.7 today)
I was given a target weight of 9 stone but reached 8 stone 4 within 6 months following this low fat diet to the letter.

A typical day for me was:-

Breakfast - Bran flakes with skimmed milk
orange juice

Lunch baked potato - beans and salad

Dinner - slim a soup or melon
unlimited veg including potatoes
chicken breast in low fat sauce (less the 4% fat)
meringue nest , low fat from frais and strawberrys

also allowed each day - 2/3 pint of skimmed milk
2 glasses of wine
2 pieces of fruit

Mine was the earliest version of the diet and was featured on This morning at a time when Richard and Judy were still hosting it...before the hip and thigh

There was also a 40 min session of excersize at each class.

I ate tons of food and lost on average 3-4 pounds a week but some of the older memebers lost about 1/2 a pound a week or stayed the same so it didnt work for all...unless they didnt follow it as strictly as I did.

Anyway....I then started to gain weight....and discovered I was pregnant with my little girl (now 11) and after having her i couldnt face starting again as the fat one in the I did nothing for years...following the odd fad diet as it appeared in the papers....

Now Im on CD again which I lost 5 stone on last year and hope to get back to my target of 8.7 again this nice if it was in time for my holiday in October but if not...then there is always Christmas to aim for...

Rosemary Connelly is an excellent plan though (it has changed slightly since I went...I am not sure if you are allowed unlimited Potatoes anymore...but it worked so I dont see why not)

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Hi jfc,

I think we have all been there trying to hide our fat under a long t-shirt, baggy pants etc. Or wearing a big jacket on a hot day...

I actually gained weight on the given points for WW the first few times I did it way back the last time I did WW was the beginning of last year and I lost on average about a 1/4 of a lb. a week, it was so frustrating and the class leader took home my trackers and studied them and I was doing everything right...

Even on a vlcd I am a slow loser...

WW I found worked brill for some people and you do learn loads about food. Now I can not buy something without reading the label!

We are the same height and I weighed in this morning at 12st. 12lbs...My next mini goal is to get into the 10's:)

I have lost five stone as well!!! Did lose more and got down to 11st. 6lbs. and lost the plot and been bouncing back and froth from 12 to 13 once to often...So this is it...well fingers crossed.

Love Mini xxx
I've tried most of the conventional diet groups and the only one I liked was Rosemary Conley. It was the least 'faddy' for me - didn't have any funny words like 'syns' or 'points' ... you just ate food with less than 4% fat and that was about it.

Now it has a low GI element too and as Jenny says, you can't have unlimited spuds (not so bad though - carbs: the devil's food! ;) )

I particularly liked the exercise class at RC - really helped tone me up and was a lot of fun. I'm definitely considering going back just to keep things monitored once I reach goal. It's a great eating plan and one I can follow easily: I certainly can't afford to take my eye off the ball even when I reach goal.

Debbie x
Hi Debbie,

We don't have Rosemary over here, but I have often bought her magazine as I find it very good and full of interesting tips etc.

I have tried to kid myself that potatoes are okay but I could eat a stone of them, boiled/baked/chips...and it is just my body getting sugar anyway it can!!!

We have actually stopped buying potatoes as my husband and son don't care for mother felt she had not her dinner unless there was a potato somewhere on the plate:rolleyes:

I got use to pointing and find it easy...don't have a clue about syns.

Love Mini xxx
A friend of mine is having great success with RC. I must admit that it's probably the only diet I haven't tried!

I did the WW NC and liked it, but didn't lose anything, and I began to wonder whether I would ever be able to keep it up for life as maintenance. Lost with SW lots of time, but had loads of plateaus:(

I think we all have times in our lives where different diets suit us better, but I've come to the conclusion that diets with free foods never really suit me. I either end up eating too much or not enough:eek:
i have heard great things about RC, sadly they dont have in the south (i sound like a broken record)

but i wouldnt like the idea of going through a few 'moves n jigs' with the class...

being weighed is bad enough. Horror.

My friend from the north said the excerise in the class was the BEST part....ekkkk!

Ivy your posts make me laff! I wish I could hear you speak as I imagine that you are an absolute classic!!!:) :) :) :) :) :)
Can you drink alcohol on RC???

I really fancy giving it a good go as i like the whole GI diet thing etc and Im sure Im doing myself more damage with this yo-yoing around on CD starving/bingeing/starving etc etc and not actually getting anywhere with it!

N xx