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I own a rottie :)

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
I have one, Sukuma :) Had two (brohter and sister).
Brought them over to the UK from Kenya when we had to sell our house, couldnt even thnk about rehoming them over there. So yeah a long stint in Quarantine and unfortuanately the ***** turned nasty :( She had to be put down. R.I.P Wiki
Thankfully Sukuma is still with us but we shortened his name to Kuma instead.
Sukuma Wiki is Swahili translates to "Stretch the week" but is also a local dish which is really cheap hence the stretch the week name.

These two were born when their owner discoveres Sukuma Wiki so it stuck lol


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My bf has one and she is beautiful. WHEN (lol) i have a bigger house im going to get one along with my 3 dachsies i already have x
I have a rescue Rottie X. Newfoundlands are my 'main' breed but I do love the Rotts...my friend shows them and breeds an occasional litter so I'll hopefully have a pup in future.


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My daughter has a rottie and an Akita. Her and her hubby get a lot of stick for having "dangerous" dogs but they are both so soppy and gentle. I have never been very comfortable with large dogs so was very nervous about going to stay. However they have both been the most mild and lovely dogs and it's usually other dogs that come up and attack them! Unfortunately those who keep them are often the ones at fault for not giving them proper training.