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Route to a healthy weight

S: 12st10lb
Hi all,

I’m a 35 year old female and currently weigh 12 stone 9 (177lbs) I've tried Calorie counting for a while, but all that weighing and adding up was just tedious. I hope to stick to a healthy eating plan with lots of exercise/activity. I will also keep an eye on my portion size and try to eat less of the bad stuff i.e. saturated fat and foods high in sugar :eek:

I'm not sure how this diary will work for me, maybe I'll summarise it weekly on a Monday as it's weigh in day for me then :)
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S: 12st10lb
I weighed in this morning, up by 1 pound. It was expected as I've not been as active as I wanted to be. Today didn't start off great either as I didn't attend the gym after work, had a headache and exhausted from my busy day. After work gym sessions don't mix well with me :( Just too tempting to get home asap. :eek:
S: 12st10lb
I'm getting married in 7 months! I need to to get healthy!!! I want to look good in my photos and in my dress! :love047:

Failing is not an option! :cry:
S: 10st12lb C: 9st11lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 24.3 Loss: 1st1lb(9.87%)
Good luck!
I'm sure your motivated but if you need anything theres always someone on here to help

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S: 12st10lb
When I posted in Febuary I was 175.2lbs, now I'm still more or less the same weight weighing in around 174lbs, not sure if that is good or bad as I have been exercising and walking lots.
I will weigh in tomorrow before breakfast and put in some sort of plan into place... 15 weeks to go and I would like to be at least a stone lighter and be toned toned toned! :fingerscrossed:
S: 12st10lb
Weight this morning stood at 172.6lbs. Sunday shall be my weigh in day!

~My targets this week are to walk over 9,000 steps each day
~Exercise at least 4 times of 45 mins or over
~Keep a closer eye on my calorie intake- anything under 1800 then I'd be a happy, ideally around the 1500 mark would be cool, but that will never happen!

This morning after my weigh in I did some kettlebell exercises from the active channel I had recorded using a 9kg kettlebell, then 8-minute-abs of the kettlecise dvd which I got new last week with a 6kg kettlebell. Not great with my technique but in the next couple of weeks it should improve.
I reached my target of 9000 steps today, the last 400 steps I had to walk around the living room to reach my target.
Calorie wise me and OH went out to eat, had wagamama's I had the chicken teriyaki donburi, some calamari and a diet coke. Dinner was roast chicken no skin with a mix of red/white rice and vegetables. Aproximately 1890 calories for the day.

S: 12st10lb
I went to my first Zumba class today, I found it okay, I thought I would have sweated bucket loads from feedback of my colleagues - they say they ached for ages afterwards too. I suppose I didn't go full throttle as I have a gym session tomorrow. I'm not sure if I will go again to this session because it was expensive! £7.50!! I was expecting to pay around £6 not £7.50! but if I didn't go to this one I know I probably won't try again for ages as I've been saying for months I would give it a go. I will look into some venues closer to home.

Step count: 24388, I had a lunchtime stroll and tried my first sub from subway also walked from work to Zumba session 45mins+
Calories for the day 1840, OH cooked chicken stir fry and steamed some cougettes and greens, I was very impressed with him as he usually likes to jepodise my diet in some way or another! After dinner kept asking me when I was going to eat dessert!! :rolleyes:
S: 12st10lb
My calorie consumption from yesterday went up from 1890 to 2082... as OH had the pringles tub on the coffee table and I tucked in :( any consolation was that I did the zumba and lots of walking :p

Today my gym session from my PT got cancelled- but to be in his good books I went to the gym and did a workout. I programmed the treadmill for 5km (normally programme for 3km) which I completed in 42mins walking and running. There are free park runs dotted around my area and my goal is to participate in them 1-2 a month, but not until I am comfortable covering the distance.

I had lunch out with a colleague and I ordered a homemade burger served with wedges and salad. I say homemade but it was really greasy... but still very nice!! I shared half the wedges with my colleague as she wanted to order some, so half the guilt! Total calorie count so far 1710 but may have a nightcap before bed so it may creep up a bit more. Step count 20617 but this again is higher than normal due to using the treadmill.
S: 12st10lb
No scheduled exercise for me today, but I took a lunch stroll. Not sure what the exercise plan is for me tomorrow, maybe more walking if I don't do anything structured.
I did have that night cap yesterday night so calorie intake was closer to 1850. Calories for today 1807 and 17003 steps so far. I should go to bed now rather than pottering about as that could lead to more eating!
S: 12st10lb
I'm going to start a new diary in another section as my diary isn't that much related to healthy eating... more towards exercising and brides to be! Sorry still a newbie to this forum! :)

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