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routine is the key...

I think I need to get back into a routine..
I was having good losses while I was at work, but since being made redundant on the 17th, I've been getting up late and having a late breakfast for dinner and then stoping up to 2-3 in the morning and eating about 2am....
I don't think I'll have lost much at all this week and last week I STS which was expected as it was christmas..

I also haven't been eating as much fruit as I run out and can't be bothered to go out and get some.. whereas when I was at work I'd stop off and buy some on the way home..

I think I need to start getting up at 8 ish and having my scrambled eggs again and eating at lunch with more fruit..

next week ( from thursday on ) will be a 100% week..
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I agree - my days went to pot over Christmas because we were both at home and had no routine. I suppose I should say that I was lucky enough to go back to work today, so back to the routine for me.

I found I hardly drank any water while at home, but have loads at work because it's there on the desk in front of me.
Completely agree. I always find it hard with any change in routine like the kids being on school hols. Christmas etc.

I always find planning my meals helps too. I plan the weeks meals in advance and only shop for that amount.
I'm the same, my contract finished on christmas eve and I've found i'm getting up later and later each morning. I haven't been too bad at eating late, but I have been missing breakfast and just having a big lunch and then dinner. I've also found I'm not drinking as much water either - I think I need a wheely chair and a water cooler 3 foot away at home!!

I start back at class on Thursday, and think i'm going to aim to get into the routine of going for a walk round the village each morning before job hunting, then maybe go for another walk in the afternoon. It's quite a nice walk, only takes about half an hour and thanks to the walk, jog, run site, I know it burns me 350 calories each time!

Funny how you never appreciate it till afterwards how much a routine helps to keep you on plan!
Sorry to hear about the redundancy.
Couldn't agree more about routine. I find it so much easier when I'm in my routine. The children at school keep me so busy I don't think about food plus it isn't as readily available as at home.
The only positive about being off work is that you can really go for it in terms of exercise (in theory - not sure I actually ever do this!)
Good luck x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Hope you get a job soon! Since I retired I have found it far more difficult to galvanise myself, but I've come to the same conclusion. Monday to Friday I shall get up as if it was a working day. The school bus should be back outside tomorrow at about 7.30 to wake me up. There's only so much Jeremy Kyle you can watch!
whilst I love icy cold water on tap, I can't stand gadgets so would never get something like that for home.

It's just something else to get in the way, break down, or to haul to the bootsale in 6 months once the novelty has worn off!!
i find it so much easier at work than at the weekends. i have fruit for my breakfast and then take something to work with me then my boyfriend cooks tea in the evening. when its the weekend we have no routine at all as we are usually out and about most of the day. However, i do drink more water at the weekend than i do during the week. I'm really trying to drink more during the working day but i get so busy i just forget!
I was glad to get back to work today! - my last few mornings I was getting up at 11am. Not good!

I also found I only really eat fruit at work (snack on it all day) at home there are too many other options.

As for the water gadgets, I find our tapwater is superb anyway, I also have a much cheaper water filter, but like most things, never got around to renewing the cartridges lol.

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