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Rowena's 'trying to keep focused' food diary!

I've found recently that i'm beginning to let old habits creep in! I think this is mainly because I don't weigh in at a group. I do keep a food diary on paper but as no one aside from me looks at it I sometimes accidentally-on-purpose miss a couple of things off here and there. I know that it's stupid because at the end of the day I'm only fooling myself and only have myself to blame when it comes to weigh in day and I don't get the results I'm hoping for.
Anyway, this is my attempt at keeping myself on track. I will be 100% truthful about what I have eaten every day and as it is published on here for the world to see I'm hoping that it keeps me in the zone!
Will update later on with my food diary for today. :)
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Ok - so today's food intake goes like this.

13/07 Green

Breakfast - 2 alpen light bars (heb), mullerlight yogurt, apple
Mid-morning snack - 2 babybel (hea)
Lunch - bachelors mild curry rice & 2 boiled eggs
Dinner - wholewheat spaghetti, homemade tomato garlic & basil sauce, 1 tbsp olive oil (heb)
A bowlful of strawberries & grapes with fat free vanilla yogurt and cinnamon
To combat the chocolate cravings this evening - fresh pineapple

Syns - 0 (trying to make up for the past couple of evenings where my syns have been a bit flexi!)
14/07 Red

Breakfast - 42g all bran (heb), grapes, mullerlight
Lunch - large ham salad, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, pepper, mushrooms & ham, balsamic vinegar
Dinner - turkey breast cooked with basil, tomato & 42g mozzarella (hea) with large salad and asparagus
Dessert - strawberries & mullerlight
Evening snacks - fibre plus bar (heb)
Syns - 4 sugar free Sula strawberries and cream sweets = 1 syn
Scan bran ferrero rocher = 6 syns
Oopsy - just had to eat a few more scan bran ferrero rocher, they are just lush! Brings my syn total for the day to 13.
15/07 green

Breakfast - 2 slices w/meal nimble toast (heb) & baked beans
Lunch - still full up from breakfast so just had a mullerlight and some cherries
Dinner - sweet potato wedges with homemade quorn chilli & 2 babybel (hea)
Evening - fibre plus bar (heb), strawberries & mullerlight
Syns - 0 (again trying to make up for my slip up earlier in the week)
16/7 red

Had my weekly weigh in this morning and I STS. A bit disappointed but after my hairy start to the week I can't say I'm surprised. At least it's not a gain. I've been reading the fishy week thread and thought I'd give it a go so today is day 1 of a very fishy week!

Breakfast - mullerlight, strawberries, 2 alpen lights (heb)
Lunch - large salad with tomato, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, peppers, celery and smoked salmon
Snack - 2 babybel (hea)
Dinner - sea bass with tomato & basil sauce, cauliflower & carrots
Evening - fibre plus bar (heb) pineapple & cherries
Syns - portion of mars bar 9 syns
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Good luck with fish week Hun...not sure I could do it myself!
17/7 red

Breakfast - fresh pineapple & 2 alpen lights (heb)
Snack - 2 babybel (hea)
Lunch - Mediterranean salmon & prawn bake, spinach & green beans
Dinner - smoked salmon & prawn salad
Evening - fibre plus bar (heb), mullerlight, grapes
Syns -penguin 5.5

Really enjoying the fishy week so far 2 days down......5 to go!
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18/7 red

Breakfast - 2 alpen lights & fibre plus bar (2xheb)
Lunch - roast veg (pepper, carrot, tomato, courgette), griddled aubergine & lemon and basil baked cod
Dinner - hot smoked salmon salad
Evening - mullerlight, loads of cherries, 2 babybel (hea)
Syns - penguin 5.5
19/7 red

Breakfast - all bran (heb), strawberries & mullerlight
Lunch - loads of fresh pineapple
Dinner - speedy shellfish supper recipe found on minimins
Evening - 2x alpen lights (heb), 2x babybel (hea)
Syns - fruit pastille ice lolly 3 syns
20/7 red

Breakfast - 2x alpen lights (heb), strawberries, grapes, mullerlight
Lunch - hot smoked salmon and loads of salad
Dinner - cod fillet, broccoli, carrots
Evening - 2x alpen lights (heb), 2x babybel (hea), mullerlight
Cinema - 3 sweets from pic n mix ?syn value
21/7 beige day ?!?

Breakfast -all bran (heb) & mullerlight
Lunch - tesco sushi pack
Dinner - takeaway curry!!!

What a dreadful day and I feel really rubbish now after eating rubbish!
Tomorrow is a new day tho and will make sure it is 100%. Not expecting any wonderful losses come weigh in on Friday morning! :-(

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