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Roxy's starter diary


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hi are you doing extra easy or red and green days?
Ok going to update on todays list

dinner was pasta with sweetcorn, red pepper and bacon with fat free natural yougart with 1 tbsp chilli sauce

had mini twirl
and heaxb was 2 weetabix with milk

so have uses my heax's and full 15 syns but not bad for the first day
Hi everyone im on day 4 of slimming world really need to do some shopping as not alot of fruit and veg so im trying my best

Breakfast today
1 slice of toast and bit of butter and 1 slice ham bread will be one heax

lunch two slices of toast and beans used laughing cow light as spead

hmm doesnt look to good for today


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I'd try to find some more filling things to have then bread. pastas and potato and couscous would all be much better for lunch than toast. remember your 1/3 superfree for lunch.
So far i'd have been blooming starving on your food list so far.....lol


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my tip is to plan your meals for the week, including snacks and puddings etc so you have got everything you need it. Make a good shopping list and then off to the supermarket you go.

Have a look through the site for ideas on free/low syn items, eg mug shots etc, so if you see them on offer you can stock up on them.
Lots of fruit and veggies as snacks.
Alpen lights and Kellogs fibre plus bars
low fat cheese and laughing cow triangles
Hi just wanted to update i have lost 2 pound in my first week im very pleased, although i feel im not getting on great atm im always feeling hungry and no matter what i eat it doesnt fill me


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YAYAYAY well done on losing 2lbs :) its a great feeling isn't? :)

Like i posted before, i'd be blooming starving on your food lists, so eat MORE. I know its a crazy concept that your on a diet and you can eat lots of food. try to fill up on free and superfree.
Keep posting your daily food lists.
have a look through others diary's for inspiration. I post all my weekly meal plans herehttp://http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world/165322-weekly-meal-ideas.html for some ideas
It feels great thanks for answering my post honey Im going to start and post everything I eat u menu is great how do u do it? It really hard with time i think as i like quick meals and alot is cooking from scratch which im not used to


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Like everything cooking is practice, the more you do it, the better and quicker you get. I can knock up even quite a complex meal quickly now. We have our favourites that i can now cook of by heart. New recipes i follow the instructions the first time, then start tweaking it once we have tasted it.

Mostly you can add what you like to recipes and make them to suit you. there is a lot of recipes that are actually meat dishes, that i turn into a veggie option ( with Quorn)

My meal plan takes me about an hour on a sunday ( shopping day is Monday) i look through the cookbooks and previous weeks plans. see what takes my fancy, and what fits into my week with work etc. and what stuff we have in fridge/freezer/cupboards already and go from there
Hi everyone going to post my list for today I find it hard to stay away from bread as u can see

Breakfast Nimble with butter and marmalade 5.5 syns

Lunch Two slices Nimble heaxa 2 laughing cow extra lite heaxb peppers tomatoes

Might have some grapes now

really wanted slimming world burger for tea but have had alot of bread today

Syns today 7


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I too was a breadaholic!! but i went cold turkey with it. Bread just really doesnt fill me up enough and i find myself on the hunt for more food with in 20 mins of eating a sandwich. 2 slices of toast just doesnt cut it!
Im busy making chips and egg and Quorn ham for lunch............. much more filling than bread.
Ok here is my list for today feel I am getting better with time please feel free to comment as it helps

Nimble with beans
forrero rocher bun

Potatoe gravy and mixed veg

sw chips, turkey rashers and beans with extra light mayo

toast butter marmalade, golden lights crisps

HeaxA 2 slices nimble
heaxb milk for tea

rocher bun 1.5
gravy 1.5
extra light mayo 0.5
golden lights 4.5
butter and marm 2.5

10 syns
I have really slipped up this weekend was out for a meal lastnight didnt pick a healthy option then tonight I was at parents house for a massive meal :mad::mad::mad: i wont lose anything this week just hope i can get back on track

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