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Roz's Food Diary.


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Green Day.

Cuppa tea.
1 poached egg, 5 grilled mushrooms, 3rd of a can of tomatoes.

Muller light yogurt and chopped banana, handful of grapes.
Cuppa tea.

Muller light yogurt, orange, grapes, banana.
Cuppa tea.

Jacket potato, lettuce, tomato, 1 egg.
Cuppa tea.

HEA 250mls sweetened Soya milk.
HEA 1oz Cheese.

HEB 1 x wholemeal bread.
HEB 2 x grilled bacon.

Snack a Jacks 3
Margarine 3
Salad cream 2.5
Pickle 1
Laughing cow light 1.5

And later tonight.
Options hot chocolate! 2 syns.
Total syns = 13
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This is only day three of being on the SW diet... when I look at the amount of food I'm eating, it's hard to believe you can lose weight!
Thats a fantastic day's food though huni and seriously dont feel guilty about what you are eating!!
Just remember the more you eat the more weight you loose!


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Thanks Mrs V! I feel such a pig though, lol. But my old eating habits were no brekkie, then probably a bar of chocolate, nothing till dinner, then crisps in the evening.
I've already stepped on the scales and after only 3 days I've lost just under 1 and a quarter pounds! I'm amazed! :8855:
Lol...try and resist the scales as they could sway what you would eat that day if you find a gain..just go by the ones at class Huni. I know its easier said than done especially how eating so much can make you loose weightin the first place...but trust me it works!

Good luck!


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Green day
1 egg, baked beans, 4 grilled mushrooms, 2 x bacon (HEB) 1 x wholeameal toast (HEB)

Sweetened soya milk for day 350ml (taken as 2 x HEA)

Muller light yogurt with 1 banana.
Snack a jacks (3 syns)

Picking up son from school bought a finger of fudge!!! GGGRRRR! (6 syns!)

Ex lean Mince beef 100grams total, used as free and the extra bit as (2.5 syns)
Gravy (2.5 syns). Potatoes, carrots, peas, brocolli and cauliflower.
1 orange, half an apple.

Before bed I shall have my lovely Options Hot choc (2 syns)... bit of a synful day today, but still just about made it under 15!

I'm majorly annoyed about the fudge, but I get low blood sugar sometimes, not through diabetes, it just comes from out of nowhere... I think maybe it's coz of the sugar hit I'm getting from the grapes, then it quickly takes a dive, so I have to then have whatever I can get my hands on... and when you've only got 50p in your pocket it makes it a bit difficult to buy anything healthy. Maybe I should have a banana in my pocket!

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Friday 13th :)eek:) Feb
Green Day
B. 3rd can baked beans
4 grilled mushrooms
1 x grilled bacon
1 wm toast
1 yogurt with banana

L. Yogurt and 1 Alpen Light (2 HEB along with the 1 wm toast and 1 bacon)

Snacks - Snack a Jacks (3 syns) (Though cheapo Sainbury's snacks only 67 cals per pack!! Less than these!)

Roast potatoes, mixed veg, sausage meat with tsp apple sauce and gravy (10 syns) Unsure of correct syns, but used pork sausage meat cooked in the oven with no extra fat...

HEA 250mls Sweetened Soya Milk.

Tonight Options Hot choc (2 syns)
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Green Day.

350mls unsweetened soya milk. (HEA)

1 egg, 2 x bacon (HEB) 4 mushrooms, baked beans.


Muller light yogurt with a banana chopped up in it.

Snack about 4pm was starving! 2 x wm toast with one laughing cow, and one marmite.
Low fat spread (HEA & HEB)

Small cod, homemade potato wedges, baked beans, egg. Yogurt.

No syns so far today, but am fancying a packet of Snack a Jacks and of course my options later, yum!


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