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RTM... not enjoying the sessions!


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I've not been too overwhelmed by the support I've had since joining the RTM group. It may be my fault but the LLC felt I was too early going into RTM in her opinion, and that has put my back up!! I don't go to the classes as I've been struggling to fit the time in, and there is only one RTM group with my LLC. I have now agreed to do a pop in on a Tuesday but I feel I am doing this on my own. If it wasn't for the foodpacks, I would not go at all!! I think the RTM is invaluable so I am glad I've got my books and know what I'm doing but I'm really disappointed that it has turned out like this. To be fair it's probably more my attitude than that of the counsellor but I can't get over it!! :sigh:
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ooh Bex - why can't you make your classes? If you managed the time before for classes, how is it different now - where its most crucial? Or equally crucial? I worry about that - just know myself thats all....but I would move heaven and earth to be able to continue when I need the support most.

Our group is very fluid - there are different people each week - new faces then never seen again - so its not as structured - but it s soooo helpful to chat with women who are successfully maintaining - its a great source of inspiration and networking. I hope you can find a way to get there.....we all said thru development how imporant RTM is - would hate to see anything at all block your progress.

Good luck on Tuesday, and if its any help - we get little guidance and support as well and have heard that from some others too in other groups, so maybe the theory is 'throw us out there - see if we have been paying attention and learnoing, or not ' while we have the safety net of the group to learn where we may go wrong.

I hope you can find a wy to give these classes as much priority as you gave the others. You would feel you were doing it alone if you aren't attending the group.... ;)

Good luck hon.

Sounds like you have got a good LLC BL. Mine was hard going in the early days of foundation, then she got better...now she's rubbish again. She's hardly ever there and the sessions aren't really worth sticking around for really. She hasn't got an empathetic bone in her body, she's very confrontational when you ask for advice and I feel completely unsupported. No one sticks around for the class, so I feel like a nuisance by staying! It is useful to talk to some of the ones that do pop in for their packs for advice etc, but ultimately I think I'd like to just go it alone...but I'm too scared to do that. It would be easier to just finish my 12 weeks and know I can go back for food packs should I need them in the future. You have support here Bex, but it's a shame you're having difficulty. Some of these LLC's should not be allowed to get away with what they do! xxx
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
YEs Kaalin, I am very fortunate with my LLC. I feel very very lucky after hearing some stories.

I know people have found at times head office has not been helpful - but I would encourage any discrepencies be reported each and every time - the squeaky wheel and all - they simply cannot continue to ignore if complaints are consistant. THey ahve a duty of care - they need to honour that.
I am so sorry yours makes you feel the way she does - but all the more reason to trouble her and make her stay - even if you are the only one. You've paid a lot for this - get your money's worth!!

Remember - you are worth it! :)



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Hi Guys, I don't feel alone on my RTM journey as I have you guys and I know I can call my LLC should I need to but her session is 8pm til 9.30pm and I then have a 40 minute drive home, I start work at 8.30 in the morning and am struggling to have enough hours in the day with all my commitments. I don't feel I am gaining too much from the meetings so that's why I have decided to do the drop in thing. I am enjoying RTM and I am still losing so I am not doing too badly either. I think the RTM is very important and I do my home exercises and such so I don't really feel that I am missing out too much. I will not give up RTM so no panic there!!! Gone too far for that, I just can not do the sessions right now :) Don't worry BL, I'm doing good, I really am :)

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