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RTM - Weight Loss so far

Hi All

Sorry i know a thread like this has been started before but can't find it. I am currently thinking about RTM but would really be greatful if all the minis on RTM can tell me how much weight they have lost whilst on management? And now when i say thinking about it....i don't actually want to eat....did anyone else feel like this....i still enjoy the packs and routine i have ....and the thought of eating anything does not appeal did any other RTMs feel like this or am i just crazy! I set myself the challenge to see it through to the end of the year so not sure if my mind is playing games with me because i am so close to achieving my ULTIMATE goal as i have achived all my other ones so far.....any help grateful appreciated.

Thank you!

Mad (210 days on LL 100% abstinent, feeling mentally exhausted and restless :sigh:)
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Hey madhatter

210 days 100% abstinent is just awesome. I managed over 150 I think and then - bang! The wall appeared. I'm still here though and have never given up, but oh yes, it's been hard hard work to get to the final stretch.
So as I'm not yet in RTM I can't really answer your question. Just do it definitely lost so maybe pop over to her management thread?
My LLC says the most she's ever seen on the loss front is 11lb's in management.
I was convinced that I would enter RtM when I had a stone to go. This isn't right for me. I tried RtM and was utterly miserable and for the first time this year felt like I was failing. For me, I need to get to goal and then it's all systems go. Reckon end January at the absolute latest fingers crossed.
How far are you from RtM?
Hi Madhatter,

I've only been going 2 weeks so cant comment on RTM. However, i wanted to say that you have done AMAZING with your 210 days. No matter how hard you are finding RTM just remember how far you have come and you will get there.

Your a hero to me! Massive congrats for success so far!

And you also Tiger - both heros to me!

P xx
Hello Tiger Girl and Peanut thank you both for replying really appreciate it and thank you so much for you lovely strokes as well. :)

Tiger Girl - I think i've got 1 stone to go before i think i will be 'ready' for RTM if one is ever really ready i am not sure. I think like you after 150 days i am reaching a wall as well. Massive well done for going back onto the programme after trying RTM thats amazing and thats something i know i have as an option if i go too early i can do that too. Although i say 1 stone i don't know as i have never been this weight before it's all such a new experience to me and just so weird i have gone from a bmi of 43 to 25 in 210 days thats just insane to comprehend. Reading other mini posts i think i am going to go for a bmi of 22 and that's just 12-14lbs away...so hopefully like you start RTM in the new year. I just don't want to go too low and lose too much as well, just looking at the options and trying to decide but with xmas on the way and me making a decision ages ago to see it through the year i really want to stick to that commitment as like you i need to reach my ultimate 'goal' that i set myself and that way theres no excuses and i can go into RTM knowing i achieved all i set out. Not long to go now Tiger Girl i guess i must overcome this 'wall' and hang in there!

Peanut - Thank you so much for your lovely post...i remember when i was on day 14 and i could not imagine day 40 let alone day 210! But time does fly before you know it you will have achieve 100 days and lost so much weight and learned so much about yourself in the process. It's true what they say LL is a journey but not one about losing weight, one about you discovering the you that you thought was lost or not in control and getting that control back, making other positive changes and living your life for you and no one else....this has been my big learn in my LL journey. If i can do this i can do anything and so can everyone else! Like the woman in the LL dvd in foundation i have become an LL evanglist! lol Go team LL (hee hee god help me :S)

Mad xx
It's a tricky one Mad. I think I've got a stone and a half to go but I'm looking at myself now thinking 'it's definitely more than that!'. Cerulean has advised previously that you just know when 'you're cooked'. So I'm sticking with that thought.
If you continue with 100% abstinence you'll be cooked before you know it! I would've been cooked at the end of Aug if I'd stuck with it - but no regrets, everyone has to find their own way.
You're doing brilliantly. Keep going :D

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