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Rubbish weigh in


Determined and motivated!
hey hun, don't despair....easier said than done!
My last week this week and i put on 3lb, was so gutted, but i've got so much support from this site that i'm feeling a lot better.
Don't worry too much, a 1lb off is still a 1lb off and it will equal out in the long run....promise!
Good luck, chin up buttercup!
Ktx :)


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Ah hun - its still a loss and just forget it now and focus on the coming week!!!
thanks. i know a loss is good but when you have a lot to lose its just a bit disheartening. but am focusing on next week. thanks for your support


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Aww don't be too down hun, any loss is still a step closer to your goal .. look at it that way :)

You've done great so far so keep it up x

A Whole New Me - I Hope !

A Whole New Me - I Hope !
Be Positive And Remain Focussed For Your Wk Ahead And Im Sure You Will Have A Much Better Weigh In Next Wk x


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just think of it as still a loss and one step closer to your long term goal.

h xx


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dont ye think it will make ye more determened not to mess up next week ive cheated this week also but i know i wont be doing that again this diet is to expensive and hard to keep messing it up the way i look at it is were all on it for good reason and we all have goals and targets and by cheating were just making it worse and pushing our goals further and further away so chin up and set your self a mini goal there should be a may challange comming up ive given my self a goal of 18 lb to loose in may thats my may goal so maybe try something like that
i agree with the other posters a loss is still a loss
now put that week behind you and pretend it never happened
and focus on your new week and work really hard :)


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Well done and next week you will probably catch up with an amazing loss :)

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