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**Rubys Diary**

Right, I've purposely waited until I'd got New Years Day out of the way before starting a diary.

So, all the mince pies, chocolates and other festive goodies are now all gone...I swear if I even see another mince pie or roast potato this side of next december I will go doo-lally!!:D

Right here, right now, I am SO ready to do this....and a large part of that has to be from reading all the posts on this forum, it's been so inspiring and friendly and fun for the first time in a looooong time I'm not seeing my weight loss journey as a chore and something I'm embarassed about, but something I'm actually looking forward to doing and sharing:)

My initial goal weight is 12 stone, I've got there twice before and whilst not exactly thin I was a 12-14 clothes size and felt pretty darn good about myself...I may adjust it once I get there, we'll see!!

Anyway, that's the start of my diary. Day 1 here I come!!
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Yayyyy im the first to post in ur brand spanking new diary!
Just want to wish u all the best and support for ur journey ur gonna do fab - look forward to hearing how u do xx
Morning hun ...
Welcome to minimins lovely to have you here with us,i have got to my goal twice and got 1 stone to loose again to get back to it.
So here goes the start of day 1 for me again :)
Welcome to minimins Rubysoho. I look forward to seeing you lose the rest of your weight and get your goal. Goodluck!
Thanks everyone!!

Breakfast went well, got lunch all pointed up...I'd better sort Dinner out too as I'm going to be out all afternoon getting tattooed, don't want to get in at 7ish and then start looking for food 'cos knowing me it'll just end up being something quick and high in points!!:rolleyes:
Have a great day,would like to see a picture of the new tatoo, i no what you mean with late dinners.
I have got my roast chicken tonight with veg and boiled potatoes as thats what i fancy :)


The mother flippin'
Welcome and good luck :D You sound really enthusiastic which is a good sign.

Ooh, what tattoo? I got my first one a few months ago and now I want another! But there are so few body parts I'm willing to ink :p
wahey you finally made a diary :D hope you've had a good day today - you seem to be well planned. how did the tattoo-ing go? x
Thanks everyone, the tattoo went great, this is what I had done (hope it's okay to put a photo in here??)

It's a bit blurry as it was taken when I got in on friday.

Weightwise I'm going to have a small gain when I WI on monday (didn't really stick to any pointing Sat - Thurs last week). Last couple of days have been good, I'm not overly concerned about the gain as it's only temporary...by next monday (12th) it'll be gone + hopefully some extra!!:)
tattoo looks good.. is it on your shoulder? dont worry about the gain, as long as you are back on track it will soon be gone :) x
Wow Ruby, your tattoo looks great! Your brave! I got three stars done with a little bit of colour in and that was enough! The colouring was starting to hurt LOL.

Good luck for WI xx
Are those little fairy cakes? Never seen anything like that before.

I don't know how anyone is brave enough to have tatooes done - I could never do it (would look awful on very wrinkly skin anyhow - lol)

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