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Ruddy men !!


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Aaaaaargh !! My hubby decided in his usual half hearted way to go on a 'bit of a diet' last week. He has cut out his lunchtime sarnie in favour of a salad but is still eating big evening dinners and going down the pub twice a week ... he has just phoned me to tell me that he's lost 2.5 Ibs in the last week !!! WTF !! He only sits at a desk all day same as me and does nothing in the evenings. :eek:

I lose that on a week of sole sourcing !! :mad: Whats going on ?!!

Life is so unfair :sigh: !!
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jelly belly
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male metabolisms
makes ya sick but they do lose quicker
plus they tend to put weight on on their tummys where as we put it on on our hips and bums
lot harder to lose from them places


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i agree, my partner as lost twice as much as me since i started and he not even trying!!!
well women will just have to show them!!!!

i guess you were pleased in some way thou! x


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.. i am pleased for him and I was very sweet and supportive on the phone !! :eek: ... just jumped up and down when i put the phone down !


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Its a total bummer isnt it ? And we have to go through periods, the menopause and childbirth :sigh:

He always keeps the same tiny little bum aswell no matter how much weight he puts on .... i'm coming back as a man deffo :D lol


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my hubby is the same, we both started same day and hes lost just over double what i have in the 2 weeks, but then again he has a bit more to lose than i do :)



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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :mad: !!

And yes, my bum is spread all over my body too ! It should have its own eco system and taxes soon !!


S: 20st5lb C: 20st5lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Joey, LOL on bottoms having area codes, I think mine does too!
Men, apparently have more muscle mass than women (we are pre-disposed to storing fat coz of being baby machines) they put muscle on faster than us, coz of testosterone, AND as we know the more muscle you have the more clories (fat) you burn! Sucks big time, but hey at least we get to have nice soft skin and get to wear make-up to hide our spots/wrinkles/blotches AND we get to have friends who we can share everything, no worrying about being 'soft' or 'poofy' LOL!!! I love being a woman even though I HATE TOTM!!xxxxxx

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