Ruined my bras - help !


Loves VLCD's !
I have just managed to make 2 lovely ivory coloured bras and one white one look like grey old dishrags. Completely my fault :eek:

I don't want to buy new ones yet really as I am having to buy so many new clothes all the time as they get too big :)

Anybody know of any product that will restore them to their former glory ? Or maybe I should give in and dye them another colour ? Never done that either !
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There is something you can buy that gets rid of fabric dye and also lingerie whitener both sold in the laundry dept of asda and im sure the others too.


Loves VLCD's !
Oh great, I didn't know there was such a thing as lingerie whitener, will go supermarket hunting this afternoon - thanks !


Loves VLCD's !
Yes found some in Wilkinsons ! May have a dig around as it says it will do 5-8 items. Might as well do everything looking a bit manky !

Thanks for the tip !


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I know this is a bit belated but on the big bra front and colour, i have a great trick, buy a dylon colour you like and chuck your bra and pants in the pot cook it up and away you go, it gives all you old undie a new lease of life.


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My mum uses the steradent denture tablets ????? It works