Rules of simply filling


Bring it on...
Ok so I don't know if I'm being stupid here, but I thought I had this clued up! I've been reading all sorts on here and now
I'm confused.

Is the whole idea of this to have 3 meals a day and snacks of fruit and free stuff during that if needed?? I've seen some posts on here that are just having sandwiches for like a snack...that can't work can it?

I'm doing pp at the minute but I think this is a good way to get into the 3 meals a day routine. I tried it on Sunday but didn't go too well and was really hungry. But I only had breakfast and my Sunday lunch....
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it does not say 3 meals a day, just eat untill satisfied not stuffed! maybe more info january when the plan is launched offically, im going to a ww meeting tomorrow so will ask my leader:)