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read the stickys on the top of the thread page.
but generally the rules are

no more than 5g of fat per 100g (each product you buy)
and no more than 15g of fat per meal

if you stick to that then you will do fine :)


Violet is shrinking
are you taking xenical and doing sw?


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i did sw along side the xenical. jsut make sure you dont put anything like oil, eggs can cause side effects... etc...
but it does work along side sw very well!
I don't use oil now just fry light...will that be ok? As for eggs.....I may have to suffer the consequences lol


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i use fry light and its fine.
some peoiple can get away with eggs... some people cant. its like salmon. some people can, some people cant..
see how you go.. :)


Violet is shrinking
they do 3 or 4 different fry light in my asda.

:sick0019: if you get poorly..make sure you drink plenty, extra toilet time makes your body dehydrated and you loose vital body salts


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