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rumbly tumbly!


try, try & try some more!
Oh my god!!

i am on my 5th day... and seriously it sounds like i have a dinosaur in my belly... was in at lecture at uni today and the floor almost shook... i am drinking about 3-4 litres a day and cannot manage anymore, the toilet breaks are getting on everyones nerves!! I'm on four packs a day as well... i just imagine how bad it'd be if i was on 3! :eek:

i am mortified :eek:
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Hi, know what you mean with the loo breaks, I nearly stopped behind a bush the other day, I was in a cold sweat by the time I got to a real loo!!!

I've read on here people split their packs so you could get 8 small 'meals' out of it, that may help, otherwise I'd perhaps try studying something noisy so people can't hear xx
What about a hot cup of tea or coffee? ;) I'm sure that after the 1st week it will become easier- but the water thing is there to say I suppose! :)
some people drink bouillion - a kind of savoury drink abit like bovril i think. I havent tried it but i know alot of people on SS swear by it.

tummys are strange things
we have no control over there noises
and they are so loud sometimes
could be worse though you could be passing the wind through

hope your tummy behaves itself soon


Gone, but who cares huh
my tummy is terribly noisy as well, im not actually physically hungry but it rumbles away all the time, and im on 790 now and it still does it, i think if i remmebr rightly it stops on 1000, lol
I had a rumbly tummy on Day 5 too!!!

I am now on Day 21 and it does stop - not all together, but some days you will have a quiet tum and other days will be loud and intermittent!!!

As Dutch suggested, try splitting the packs, or I have bought the CD bouillon and even though I don't like soup, it's rather nice - needs pepper in it for me, but other than that, it fills me up!
Also, have you tried the pysillium husks? (sp), I add them to a shake, have it warm (kind of like readybrek) and it tastes really good and fills you up. My favourite so far is the chocolate and vanilla shake.


Loving the Cambridge Diet
It DOES stop - within the first couple of weeks.

I am on Day 91 today and I don't have any trouble with it. I know I am on 790 now but I did 8 full weeks on SS and had no problems once ketosis was fully established.

Usually having a hot coffee or tea will do the trick.

Your tummy isn't rumbling because you are hungry - our tummies rumble all the time, it is just that we are normally not aware of it.

The Marigold Bouillon is lovely but you can only have two cups of it per day.

As has been said, split your shakes, it might help.


try, try & try some more!
thanks guys!!

rumbling was less noticable today... will try the bouillion i think when i see my CDC tomoro!!

i thought my belly was crying for help!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

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