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Run Fat Boy Run

Hi all, I need some advise on running. I need to run 1.5miles in under 12mins as a yearly test. Over the last couple of years is has become impossible for me to achieve many because I'm a dammed site heavier now :cry:. I've started to run on the tread mill and can just about manage it in 14 mins. My question is: Should I train faster or longer to get my fitness back?? Many thanks Andy
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Both. Train for longer, and do intervals. When do you have to do this test?

Do you do any other exercise? Other than running?
Hi Kate, I,ve started free weights again and try to do a 30 min crosstrain 2-3 times a week. Could you explain Train for longer, and do intervals. My next test is in Oct 09.



When I say "intervals" I'm talking about varying your speed, for example alternating between jogging and sprinting. When I say you should train for longer, I mean don't just run until you hit 1.5 miles and then stop - however, if you were doing high intensity interval training you would still only be looking at a 15-30 minute session at a time, and you'd only do it 2 or 3 times a week, but it would give you great results.

I suggest you Google for "HIIT" and "interval training" and see how you can work that kind of training into your routine. It should really help improve your speed (and it's good, efficient use of your time and torches calories). Do you have a trainer?

HIIT High Intensity Interval Cardio Training -- Cardio - some more info about HIIT
Hi Kate. Thanks for clearing those things up. I’ll Google those and take on board your advice.

Please tell me if I’m doing wrong:

I weight train two times a week (heavy) and run/jog 1.5m and then jog 1.5m.
I light weight train once a week and cross train 45mins and run/jog 1.5m.
Would you say this was sufficient??
Andy :character00115:


Can I ask why you are doing a 'light weights' session - are you doing more reps to build endurance?

As you're just getting back into it, what you're doing appears to be fine - I assume you plan to increase your running as you get back into the swing of it (instead of 1.5 miles run/jog followed by 1.5 miles jog, you'll increase to 3 miles run/jog and eventually 3 miles run, or something like that)?


Do you think running is the only solution to obesity?
Not at all. This chap has to do a running test as part of his job and he wants to improve his running - we're talking about training specifically to improve his fitness, not to lose weight.

Why do you ask? Did someone tell you that it was?

I think the solution to obesity is education.
Hi Kate. When I say light weights I do mean more reps. The heavy weights have been for the upper body only. I myself defiantly don’t think running is a cure for obesity but a good cardio work out.:character00115:


I'd definitely include some weights for the lower body too, but otherwise your routine sounds fine. Keep it up! :)

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